An ammunition can like this was found chained to a public monument in Spring City last Thursday, causing police to evacuate nearby homes and call in the Utah County Bomb Squad. The can was discovered to be a geocache location. Cans just like it are commonly used for the GPS scavenger-hunting hobby.


Geocache spooks residents, bomb squad called


Robert Stevens

Managing editor



SPRING CITY—An ammunition can being used as a makeshift geocache location caused officials to evacuate homes in Spring City and call in the Utah County Bomb Squad.

The ammo can was discovered chained to a public monument near the baseball field on 100 South. It had been partially buried, says Spring City Police Chief Clark Christensen, and was discovered at approximately 8:30 a.m.

After the police evacuated the area, the Utah County Bomb Squad was called in to verify if the can was dangerous in any way.

In the end, the can turned out to be a geocache location, used by hobbyists as a safe and sturdy spot to stash items for use in a GPS scavenger hunt.

Geocachers commonly use similar ammo cans for their hobby. The cans often contain a visitor registry logbook and prizes meant for those who discover the locations on their satellite enhanced scavenger hunt.