The Manti GreenPower race team’s signature red car going on a practice run at Snow College’s football stadium last Sunday.


Manti High Greenpower car, crew ready to head to national races


Matt Harris

Staff writer



MANTI—Manti GreenPower is going national!

The GreenPower team reported that they have reached their fundraising goal of 10,000 dollars, enough money to send their entire team and their prized electric-powered race car to Indianapolis, Indiana, for the national GreenPower tournament.

Raising the necessary funds took all of three months for the team, the bulk of which occurred in the last month.

“We just want to express our thanks to the entire community for helping reach this goal,” team leader Russ Steven said.

The team is headed out to Tooele to defend their title in the state competition today, and they will board their flight to Indy tomorrow. Nationals will take place on Monday, May 1.