After three failed attempts to bring down the fair grandstands, the 98-year old structure was reduced to a pile of timber and tin.


Old Sanpete fair grandstands are going, going…gone


Robert Stevens

Managing editor



MANTI—After three failed attempts to bring down the Sanpete County Fair grandstands, the structure finally was reduced to rubble on the fourth attempt.

After a windstorm had damaged the grandstands, the County Commission declared them a hazard to the public and declared they be taken down immediately.

The grandstands were finally torn down on May 31, rendering a 98-year old structure no more than a pile of wood and tin.

County workers initially tried cutting braces away from the main structural supports, but the near-century-old grandstands just wouldn’t come down. Several more attempts were made, with tugging and more cuts.

The fourth time was a charm. Before long, the grandstands were just a pile. The remaining debris has now been hauled off.

When Sam Penrod broadcast a live video of the grandstands falling to the ground, the social media response was distinctly bittersweet. Some people posted comments about all the old memories they had on those grandstands, while others were excited that the county was getting an upgrade for the fairgrounds.