Leader retires after more than 25 years within N.S. Ambulance Association


By Robert Stevens




Les Haskins

MORONI—The long-time top man of the North Sanpete Ambulance Association (NSAS) was recognized for his service to the community last month.
Les Haskins of Moroni has been an EMT since 1993, and has served as both a supervisor and the president of the NSAS. He has also been a certified CPR and EMT instructor for 10 years.
Haskins was recognized on Thursday, Jan. 24 during a Sanpete Valley Hospital “Extraordinary Save” event, where one successful lifesaving effort (out of many each year) was highlighted.
“I started out as an EMT,” said Kent Chapman, assistant medical director of the SVH Emergency Department. “You’ve got volunteers, and no one is in a position to require them to do this because they’re their boss. To take such a diverse group and keep them together—that takes a leader.”
Chapman was quick to recognize Haskin’s selfless service, saying “He doesn’t get paid, yet he comes to every trauma meeting we have at the hospital every month.”
The new president of the association is Brien Bench.