Bruce R. and Kathryn Peterson


Petersons celebrate 50th wedding anniversary


Bruce R. and Kathryn Peterson of Ephraim recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. The couple married on June 9, 1970 in the Manti Temple. Their children are: Jason (Ephraim), Jeremy (South Jordan), Jonathan (Ruston, Louisiana) and Jennilyn (Kaysville).

A family reunion was held in Bear Lake, Idaho between June 12 and 17, to celebrate the milestone. The entire family, except the family dog, was present, including the four children and their significant others and twelve grandchildren between ages of 2 and 20.

The family stayed in a large lodge like facility which included two gathering places, three media screens, a game room, a fire pit, a walk around balcony and other amenities. A pool and hot tub were also available at the club house a short distance away. The family enjoyed eating, karaoke, movies, games, the beach, scenery and professional photographs taken of the family. Even a wedding cake and balloons highlighted the event.

After an evaluation, the Petersons concluded that it wasn’t so bad that the original cruise to the Bahamas was canceled because of the pandemic. In many ways, the alternate activity was more personalized and rewarding than the cruise.

“With the congenial gathering and reminiscing, the fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration couldn’t have been better,” Kathy Peterson said.