Sharron Bird and Polly Godfrey were the winners of the women’s division of the Pickleball tournament last weekend.




Ephraim names pickleball winners,

more Scandinavian events on tap


By Kristi Shields

Staff writer



EPHRAIM—Although the Scandinavian Festival was canceled, Ephraim has celebrated a “Scandinavian Summer” through competitions and events approximately weekly throughout the summer.

The upcoming Esports tournament, originally set to be hosted electronically, will be held in person at the Ephraim City Hall on Friday at noon. It will be free to the public. People of all ages are welcome to participate in a tournament of Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64.

Nate and Tyler Smith were the winners of the men’s division of the Pickleball tournament last week.


Participants can compete in two different divisions: an “any age” division and a younger division consisting of youngsters 12 years-old and younger.

The grand prize for the “any age” division is a Nintendo Switch. The prize for the younger division is an x4 quadcopter.

Events have been planned for July 11 and 18, but have not yet been finalized, according to Michael Patton, city recreation director.

A Pinewood Derby is still scheduled July 25. The registration fee is $10, which includes a kit containing a block of pine, two axles and four wheels.

The final event is Aug. 1. Instead of a parade on Main Street like the one held during the Scandinavian Festival, the city wants to have a parade on residential roads that people can sit and watch from their front lawns and porches instead of gathering in a big crowd together.

The pickleball tournament last weekend consisted of three divisions: men’s, women’s and mixed genders.

The winners of the men’s division were Nate and Tyler Smith. The winners of the women’s division were Sharron Bird and Polly Godfrey. The winners of the mixed division were Steve and Vickie Butterfield.


Steve and Vickie Butterfield were the winners of the mixed division of Pickleball last weekend.