Fun on the Farm exhibits like this at the Sanpete County Fair are being replaced by a virtual game that encourages players to visit all the farm buildings and exhibits normally seen at the fair.


Fun on the Farm will be virtual,

but offer prizes to participants




Fun on the Farm exhibits normally seen at the Sanpete County Fair are going virtual this year.

Adults and kids of all ages are encouraged to join in a virtual game that will take them to all the buildings and farm exhibits normally seen at the fair. According to event organizer Corrine Olsen, game participants will take a virtual tour of the various farm buildings at Fun on the Farm and then complete daily challenges. Each challenge has points that can be earned toward winning one of the grand prizes.

Each building will have a Kahoot! Quiz and other fun activities. Players can join the summer challenge at any time and Fun on the Farm ends Aug. 24 at midnight. Every Monday and Thursday, a new building will be posted online. Participants will learn about sheep, beef and milk cows, horses, orchards and gardens, pigs, bugs, chicken and turkeys.

To join in the fun, visit the Sanpete County Fair Facebook page and click on the link, Olsen said.

There will be prizes for the top three players or teams.

What you need to do:
1. Gather your team of 1-6 members and name your team.

  1. Follow and like the Fun on the Farm page to get notified of the daily challenges.
  2. Complete the daily challenges and reply to the challenge posts.
  3. Take advantage of any “extra credit” opportunities to get ahead of the other teams.
  4. Be creative, have fun, and learn more about farming!