Thanks to governor candidates

for campaigning respectfully




I couldn’t believe my eyes nor my ears as I listened to the new advertisement posted by Spencer Cox and Chris Peterson. I’m sure you know the one. They actually agreed to disagree on some topics with no bickering or backbiting. They each kindly asked for our vote, but they agreed they could still be respectful to each other. They said Utah needs us to work together despite our differences.

For the first time in months I didn’t mind listening to and watching a political ad. I actually enjoyed it. My opinion of both these men has gone up. Why can’t all the politicians learn that we want to hear about what they have done, are going to do and what they stand for—and NOT calling each other names and degrading each other.

I agree with both these men. We need to stop fighting, rioting, bickering name calling etc. and just learn to work together. Many kindergartners are more capable of this than most of our politicians.

I applaud Spencer Cox and Chris Peterson. I wonder if either of them have considered a run at the presidency in the future.


Jill J. Meikle