Dismayed by lack of respect

for American flags in Manti


Oct. 26, 2017


I am dismayed when I look at some of the American flags flying from flag poles in front of business and government buildings on Main Street in Manti. Some flags are dirty, faded, tattered and torn.

These flags are not being flown with the respect and care they deserve. Flying the flag, a symbol of freedom and national pride, is a privilege. The colors of the red, white and blue should be clear and crisp and the fabric should be in excellent, clean condition, with no tears, rips or flapping scraps of cloth.

Notice the flag proudly raised to the top of the flag pole each morning at Manti Elementary by the school children. They have learned how to take care of the flag and treat it with respect. The Boy Scouts also know how to properly treat a flag.

Please take note, Manti businesses. I hope to see some new flags flying from your flag poles soon.


Karla Campbell