Timothy and Karra Worthington hold their newest baby, Zayn, who fought hard through his birth to become the first baby born at Sanpete Valley Hospital in 2018.

Timing just right for sixth child and first

baby born at Sanpete Valley Hospital


By Max Higbee

Staff writer

Jan. 11, 2018


MT. PLEASANT—Zayn Worthington fought to make it here, and his timing couldn’t have been better.

He was the first baby born at Sanpete Valley Hospital this year, on Jan. 4 at 8:53 p.m. He weighed in at six pounds, 11 ounces, and measuring 18 inches. His birth was a scary ordeal for everyone involved, but he is now healthily at home with his parents, Timothy and Karra Worthington.

“I was having some really bad cramps the night before I went in to the hospital, and I wasn’t feeling very well,” says Karra. “When I did go in and they checked me, I was already around five centimeters dilated.

“We waited a few more hours, and the next thing I knew I was having a hard time breathing, and I passed out.”

Karra only knows the next part of the story from her husband’s recounting it later: “all of the doctors were in my room because mine and the baby’s heart rate went up, and almost went into cardiac arrest. They were about to send me to another hospital, but then they found I was already six centimeters dilated.”

Now, however, she says “baby Zayn is doing amazing. He’s healthy and very happy.”

Karra and Timothy have been married for almost seven years, and Zayn is their sixth child, after his siblings Raelyn, Kylee, Zackary, Aurorah, McKayla.

The Worthington family came to Sanpete two years ago, after both Timothy and Karra were born and raised in Orange County, Calif. The family lives in Ephraim, and Timothy commutes to work at the Norbest turkey factory in Moroni, while Karra stays at home to care for the children as a full-time mom.