Bids sought for Ephraim

Canyon Road paving project


By James Tilson

Staff writer

Feb. 15, 2018


MANTI—County Commissioner Claudia Jarrett announced at the last county commission meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 6, that the Ephraim Canyon Road improvement project final plans had been approved and were ready to begin the bidding process.

Jarrett said the engineering firm had approved all changes to the plans and had forwarded the plans to the commission for signature by the chair, which Bartholomew did that day.

With the plans signed, they were ready to begin the bidding process of the project.

Jarrett said the bidding process should be completed in March, and then actual construction could begin as soon as weather permitted.

The project aims to pave Ephraim Canyon Road up to the Willow Creek Road cutoff. However, the project could be extended to as far as the Lake Hill Campground, depending on the bids that come in.GRAPHIC – Ephraim Canyon paving project