Mt. Pleasant council gives

mayor OK to negotiate space

for emergency departments


By James Tilson

Staff writer

Mar. 8, 2018


MT. PLEASANT—The Mt. Pleasant city council approved efforts to potentially meet overcrowding concerns for the city fire and police departments at its last meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 27.

Dave Oxman, Mt. Pleasant’s financial officer, informed the council that property owners had approached the city with an offer to sell their land.

Their parcel of 66 feet by 146 feet adjoins city property just west of the city and could meet a potential city need.

Oxman told the council he had been speaking with the heads of the police and fire departments regarding their need for additional space.

Oxman said both departments have exhausted all of their current space and have nowhere to expand. He opined that acquisition of the plot “would be very timely for city needs.”

Mayor Sandra Bigler said the final price had not been settled. She only wanted to have authority to give earnest money to the sellers and negotiate a final price to be presented to the council at its next meeting.

Councilman Kevin Stallings, clarifying the council was only giving the mayor authority to negotiate and then present the final price to the council, said he thought it was a good idea.

The council approved the request.