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Inside Our Schools


Daniela Vazquez

Staff writer




Fairview Elementary

Students will attend an internet safety assembly geared toward teaching kids how to remain safe and avoid personal harm on or off the world-wide-web.

Parents are encouraged to attend a Community Council meeting at 1 p.m. at the school. The council will discuss upcoming events and possible concerns parents should be informed of.


North Sanpete High


Three of North Sanpete High School’s students received leadership awards at the Semester Awards Ceremony held on Thursday, Jan. 19. From left to right is Orange Peel, Mason Bailey and Chase Bailey, all freshman. - Daniela Vazquez / Messenger photo

Three of North Sanpete High School’s students received leadership awards at the Semester Awards Ceremony held on Thursday, Jan. 19. From left to right is Orange Peel, Mason Bailey and Chase Bailey, all freshman. – Daniela Vazquez / Messenger photo

The Hope Squad will hold an assembly on Friday, Jan. 26 as a way to remind students of their options during tough times and to encourage other student to reach out to kids in need.

As a reminder, the first round of ACT practice testing is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 30 and Monday, Feb. 6. Please make sure your junior is signed up and well prepared for this college readiness practice exam. It will serve as a way to help parents understand where their student might need extra study time. The test will begin at 1 p.m. A bus will be available to take students home at 4:30 p.m. that afternoon.

A Sadie Hawkins Dance is scheduled for 8 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 4. The dance is girl’s choice. That means ladies will ask boys to the dance and provide the matching attire.


North Sanpete Middle School

Parents are invited to take their students to Gear Up parent night at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 26 on the North Sanpete High School campus. Gear Up advisor Heather Haffen will make a presentation to parents followed by other activities.


Mt. Pleasant Elementary

Community council will be at 3:30 p.m. at the school on Thursday, Jan 19. Parents with children in the school are encouraged to attend so they know what’s going on in their child’s school and to offer any suggestions.

Faculty and staff ask parents to please send their children to school with coats due to extreme temperatures and weather. Please put your child’s name on the inside of his or her coats, along with gloves, snow boots, scarves, etc. so lost items can be identified.

For parents who wish for their child to remain inside for recess due to a cold, earache or other illness, please send a signed note explaining why.


Spring City Elementary

Parent teacher conferences are scheduled for Monday, Jan. 30 and Tuesday, Jan. 31. If you haven’t received an appointment time, or need to change your appointment time, please contact the school to make arrangements.


Manti Elementary

            Students, parents and siblings are invited to attend a free night of stories and refreshments at a PTA-sponsored story night on Thursday, Jan. 26 at 6:30 p.m. Kids are encouraged to wear their pajamas and bring a pillow and blanket for comfort

            Kids can return to school the next morning in the pajamas or dressed as a sea creature (no bathing suits, please) with his or her pillow and blanket to celebrate Readasaurus’ birthday on Friday, Jan. 27. Kids will play games during lunch hour.

Parent Teachers Conferences will be on Thursday, Feb. 2.  Students will be dismissed at noon, so a brunch will be served in place of a lunch. On Friday, Feb. 3 there will be no school and parent teachers conferences will continue. If you cannot make your appointment time, please call the school to make arrangements.


Gunnison Valley Elementary

Kids have been working hard to complete his or her Science Fair projects, which were due yesterday. Today, parents are invited to attend the school to see all of the kids’ works of science.


Ephraim Middle School

Valogram sales are just around the corner. Sales will begin on Jan. 31 and follow each Tuesday and Thursday until Feb. 9. Parents can even visit the school to purchase a Valogram if they choose. Packages will be delivered to students on Valentine’s Day. Please keep an eye out for more details.


Moroni Elementary 

Meggan Roper (right) and Lakely Brotherson (left), sixth-grade students at Moroni Elementary, are dressed up in attire from their favorite decade, the 1950’s, at last week’s Red Ribbon Week.

Meggan Roper (right) and Lakely Brotherson (left), sixth-grade students at Moroni Elementary, are dressed up in attire from their favorite decade, the 1950’s, at last week’s Red Ribbon Week.


North Sanpete School District Business Administrator Darin Johansen is swearing in new board member Shalmarie Morley and incumbent members, Stacey Goble and Rich Brotherson. Brotherson will now serve as vice president in place of Greg Bailey (not pictured) who will now serve as board president.

North Sanpete School District Business Administrator Darin Johansen is swearing in new board member Shalmarie Morley and incumbent members, Stacey Goble and Rich Brotherson. Brotherson will now serve as vice president in place of Greg Bailey (not pictured) who will now serve as board president.

School board continues plans for

critically needed energy upgrades


Daniela Vazquez

Staff writer

Jan. 26, 2017


MT. PLEASANT—The energy upgrades planned by the North Sanpete School District are steadily moving closer to realization.

Eric Thatcher, senior sales executive of Siemens, an energy-efficient technologies company, stood before the board at a regular board meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 17 to provide the board with the monthly update on the funding process and the progress of the third-party review team of engineers.

“There are a lot of pieces coming together,” Thatcher said. “You know, you get to this point in a process with a project like this and you can kind of feel [it] trying to happen.”

Thatcher said they are exploring various financing routes.

According to Thatcher, one of those options was through a zero-interest Utah School Board Education (USBE) loan.

Another option is through a federally guaranteed loan called Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZAB), a loan offered to districts with a higher percentage of students on assisted lunch; a requirement the district meets.

Siemens has already begun the qualification process for the QZAB.

“In the background of all of this, we have our little department, Siemens, working with the [governor’s energy office] on the [energy efficient] contract that would need to be signed in order to move forward,” Thatcher said.

A potential hangup in the QZAB approval is the requirement that NSSD come up with  10 percent of the $5.9 million cost

However, with the help of a Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky grant, which the district has applied for, the 10 percent could be covered. Last month, the district applied for a $1 million Blue Sky grant to cover solar energy panels and installation at three of the district’s schools.

But after PacifiCorp, a parent company to Rocky Mountain Power, reviewed the application, they asked district leaders to lower the amount to $550,000 and include only one school on the application because the amount was “too high.”

District officials have made the requested revisions and have resubmitted the application.             While the application is still under review, Thatcher says Rocky Mountain Power will hopefully offer the district 75 percent of the solar panel and installation cost, a total of $576,000, enough to cover the 10 percent down required by Zion’s Bank for their loan option.

The final word on the Blue Sky grant should be released by mid-February, according to Thatcher.

The third-party review team, Jones and Demille, is scheduled to complete their review of the proposed project by the end of the week, and when done, the board will be required to vote on the project’s approval so the district can continue to pursue the best possible financing.

“Things are kind of going up and down with funding from Rocky Mountain Power and all the different pieces, but it’s looking pretty good, so I think it’ll keep moving forward. Just be patient,” Thatcher said.

District leaders say they hope to begin construction on the project this summer.

In other news, Shalmarie Morley of Moroni has taken the oath of office and was sworn in by Johansen, replacing Nanalee Cook’s vacated seat on the board. Incumbent Stacey Goble also began a new term on the board.

Existing Vice President Greg Bailey will now serve as board president, a position held by Richard Brotherson, who will now serve as vice president.


Country may serve as municipal conduit for energy upgrade funding


By James Tilson

and Suzanne Dean

Staff writer



MANTI—The North Sanpete School District may ask Sanpete County to serve as what is called a “municipal conduit,” which would enable the district to qualify for $5.9 million in federally subsidized bonds for new furnaces and other energy upgrades.

Eric Thatcher, senior sales executive in the Salt Lake City office of Siemens USA, the prospective contractor for the upgrades explained the federal program to the Sanpete County Commission on Jan. 3.

Congress has appropriated money to encourage states, cities, counties and other public entities to make their facilities energy-efficient. The money has been allocated to states and larger counties and cities based on population.

In Utah, the program is administered by the Governor’s Office of Energy Development (OED). While Sanpete was not one of the counties to receive an allocation, Thatcher said the county could use allocations the state is holding in reserve, or allocations that have been waived by other Utah counties.

State and local government entities that want to participate can come up with energy conservation projects. Once the state approves the projects, the government units can qualify for Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (QECBs) in amounts up to their designated allocations.

The North Sanpete School District would not qualify for a QECB bond on its own, Thatcher said. But it could qualify if county government acted as its municipal conduit, or sponsor. Thatcher assured the commission that serving as a municipal conduit would not obligate the county in any way for repayment of a QEBC.

A QEBC is among the lowest-cost public financing tools available because the U.S. Department of Treasury subsidizes the borrowing costs.

Thatcher told the commission the bond the school district is considering would run for 20 years. Ordinarily, the interest rate on such a bond would be 3.5-4 percent, but the federal offset on the QECB would reduce the rate to 2 percent.

In an interview, North Sanpete Superintendent Sam Ray said if the district doesn’t put at least $3 million into new boilers or furnaces at Fairview Elementary, North Sanpete Middle School and North Sanpete High School, “we’re going to have some catastrophic failures.”

Earlier, Siemens to conducted an energy audit of the whole district, including every school, the school district office and the bus garage.

Besides redoing the basic heating systems at the three schools, the audit recommended upgrades to heating control systems, lighting retrofits, and weather stripping of windows and doors at all buildings, Ray said.

The audit also recommended installation of solar panels at buildings served by Rocky Mountain Power, which offers net metering. The total list added up to the $5.9 million the district is now seeking to fund.

Ray said the district hopes to find some of the funds to pay off potential bonds from energy cost savings. The district is considering a “performance contract” with Siemens under which the company would guarantee a certain amount in savings. If energy savings fell short of projections, Siemens would cut a check to the district for the difference.

Commission Chairwoman Claudia Jarrett asked when the commission could expect to see a draft application from the school district for the QEBC program.

Thatcher said that engineers from Jones and Demille are reviewing the proposed project. Once the review is complete, the North Sanpete School Board would vote on the project.

If the board voted to move forward with QECB funding, the commission could expect to see a request from the school district for a resolution approving the application in 30-45 days after the vote.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Ray emphasized that a QECB bond sponsored by Sanpete County was one of three funding strategies the district was exploring.

North Sanpete is also looking into creating a Local Building Authority to qualify for a QECB. Such an authority would be a political subdivision under state law, and as such would be eligible to receive QECB bonding authority on its own without going through the county, Ray said.

Another option is a U.S. Department of Education bonding program called Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZAB). Bonds under that program are at zero percent interest. But the school district would have to put up a 10 percent cash match up front.

Ray said the district put together a request for a grant from Rocky Mountain Power under its Blue Sky program to cover the 10 percent.

The fourth option, he said, would be drawing on a fund the Utah Legislature set up to help school districts with building needs. The fund is administered by the Utah State Office of Education.

“We’re just trying to turn over every rock” to find a way to fund the upgrades without being forced to go to taxpayers for authority to issue a general obligation bond, Ray said.

According to Thatcher, while Siemens would be the general contractor for the work under any of the options, the sub-contractors would almost all be local to Sanpete.

For a further update on the project funding, read our coverage of the most recent North Sanpete School District Board meeting on this issue’s school page.



Drive4Food fundraising event Date Location
Sixth Annual Drive4Food Golf Tournament June 10 Skyline Mountain Resort Golf Course
Second Annual Fourth of July 10K/5K Fun Run July 4 In conjunction with Hub City Days in Mt. Pleasant
Fourth Annual OHV Ride July 22 In conjunction with Fairview City Pioneer Days
Drive4Food Bowling Tournament Aug 12 Sno-Cap Lanes in Ephraim
Halloween Costume 5K Fun Run Oct 31 Mt Pleasant Halloween celebration



Drive4Food announces fundraising schedule for 2017





Robert Stevens

Managing editor



MT. PLEASANT—Drive4Food, a local organization dedicated to helping raise funds for the Sanpete Pantry, has announced its fundraising event schedule for 2017.

“This will be our sixth year raising funds for the Sanpete Pantry,” says Jeff Jarman, president of Drive4Food.  “We started out hosting a golf tournament at Skyline Mountain Resort Golf Course, and because of the amazing support from our communities, we have added four other events to help generate funds for the pantry.”

This year will see the sixth annual Drive4Food Golf Tournament scheduled on June 10 at Skyline Mountain Resort Golf Course.

July 22 is the date for the fourth annual OHV Ride held in conjunction with Fairview City Pioneer Days.

The second  annual July Fourth 10K/5K Fun Run will be held in conjunction with Hub City Days in Mt. Pleasant.

On Aug. 12, the Drive4Food Bowling Tournament will be hosted by SnoCap Lanes in Ephraim.

The Halloween Costume 5K Fun Run will take place on Oct. 31 in Mt. Pleasant.

According to Jarman, funds raised at Drive4Food events support operations ranging from the Kid Pack program supplying food to elementary school students at risk of going without over the weekend, to replacing inefficient equipment, to just keeping the lights burning.

Drive4Food is registered with the State of Utah Division of Consumer Protection. The group says 99 percent of all donations go to the Sanpete Pantry.

For more information call 462-3006.

Corbin Linam (shown here against Grand) had 12 points in Manti’s loss to San Juan. - Michael Bahlmann / Messenger photo

Corbin Linam (shown here against Grand) had 12 points in Manti’s loss to San Juan. – Michael Bahlmann / Messenger photo

[Read more…]

Understaffed Lady Templars take on tough teams, lose both games


Bob Bahlmann

Staff writer



MANTI—The Manti girls basketball team had perhaps two of their best team efforts last week, but unfortunately, the team was three key players short and taking on two of the best teams in the state.

On Tuesday, Jan. 17 Manti came up short 66-22 against North Sevier and then on Friday, Jan. 20, lost to San Juan 51-20.

At the San Juan game, one of the officials was overheard saying, “I’ve never seen a team down 30 points that worked so hard.”

Coach Roger Watson and his assistants were also pleased with the effort of their players.

“We talked about it after the game,” he said. “Those who played gave it everything they had.”

Fans in attendance last week saw an improved level of play by the Lady Templars. They were more confident and aggressive on offense, more patient running plays and played better defense.

In the North Sevier game, the Templars went to Leah Howe in the paint where she scored a team-high 11 points. The Wolves had a hard time stopping her, so they sent her to the free throw line 11 times, where she got seven of her points.

North Sevier launched 21 shots from three-point range, netting 15 points. Manti was one of four from behind the arc.

Howe had six rebounds to go along with her 11 points, Ashton Wood had four points, Auri Squire hit a three and had four boards. Kjerstin Birch had two points and four rebounds. Tyra Hermansen had two points. Kallie Young had five rebounds; Amie Squire and Keslee Cox had three each.

Against San Juan, it was a defensive struggle for the first four minutes of the game until Auri Squire hit the first bucket to give Manti their only lead of the game. It was a very physical game with many Templar fans wondering what it would take for Manti to earn a trip to the free throw line while the Broncos got 21 attempts from the charity stripe.

Manti had 28 rebounds in the game compared to 31 for San Juan. The Lady Templars also forced 21 Bronco turnovers.

Auri Squire looked more comfortable after being moved from point guard to shooting guard. She led Manti with eight points and four rebounds. Wood had four points, three boards and four steals. Amie Squire had three points and four rebounds. Cox had two points and five rebounds. LaRiah Rosser had two points, and Birch hit a free throw and had five rebounds. Young had four rebounds and two steals.

Howe missed the San Juan game due to a neck injury from when she dove for a loose ball in the North Sevier game. She is hopeful for this week’s game against Emery. Jamie Bawden is out for the year. She had just been cleared to return to the court when she ruptured her Achilles tendon in a freak accident away from practice. Avalin Cook is also out for the season with torn ligaments in her ankle. Wood is playing with a heavily braced knee to support a dislocated kneecap and will likely undergo surgery after the season.

Manti will travel to Emery today. The Spartans are 14-1 on the year and ranked second in the state behind North Summit, the only team to beat them. Emery is 5-0 in region play.

Bulldogs notch win against No. Sevier


Matt Harris 

Staff writer




GUNNISON—The Bulldogs reversed their fortunes with a quality region win against North Sevier last Friday at home.

Thanks to a stunning performance by Gunnison’s senior Drew Hill, who rode five made three-pointers en route to 25 points on the night, the Gunnison boys basketball team redeemed themselves from an early deficit to pick up their first region victory against the Wolves, 52-42.

” Overall, it was a complete game for us,” head coach Ben Hill said.  “We have struggled the last few games to find our groove.  We started a little slow against the Wolves, but that can mainly be attributed to nerves playing against a rival.  The team responded with a solid second and third quarters to secure the win.”

Hill was electric from start to finish, compensating for the fact that he was one of only four Bulldogs to score in the game. Senior Cole Stewart followed up with 11 points of his own, while senior Gage Mogle and junior Wyatt Young rounded out the offensive effort with eight points each.

” Drew was fantastic offensively,” said Hill. “He was aggressive getting to the rim and took what shots were available from behind the arc.  Overall, our patience and unselfishness contributed to great shots for our team.   It was a solid defensive effort from each member of our team.”

The win for the Bulldogs halts a five-game losing streak, four of them region games. Their 52 points mark the most they have scored in that span.

Gunnison didn’t start out well, conceding the first quarter with a 14-8 deficit that seemed like things weren’t going to change anytime soon for the struggling squad. The next quarter, the Bulldogs turned the tables, outscoring North Sevier 15-8 to take a 23-22 lead into halftime. From there, Gunnison never looked back, outscoring the Wolves in each quarter of the second half to seal the win.

Despite the win, the Bulldogs have plenty of work to do to get back on track in Region 15, as they are currently standing at 1-4 in region play. Next up, they will rematch at home against San Juan, who took the last game against the Bulldogs, 67-48. The game will be tomorrow night at 7 p.m.

Senior Angela Clayton, back from injury for the first time since December, uses her offhand to drive to the basket against Juab last Tuesday, Jan. 17. The Lady Hawks fell to the Lady Wasps, 41-28. - Kyler Daybell / Messenger photo

Senior Angela Clayton, back from injury for the first time since December, uses her offhand to drive to the basket against Juab last Tuesday, Jan. 17. The Lady Hawks fell to the Lady Wasps, 41-28. – Kyler Daybell / Messenger photo

Lady Hawks drop game to Juab, but glad to have starters back in the game


Matt Harris

Staff writer



MT. PLEASANT—It’s easy to get down about losses, but as far as last week’s loss to Juab is concerned, the Lady Hawks have cause for joy.

The North Sanpete girls basketball team saw both of their stars back on the court together for the first time since early December as senior Angela Clayton returned from a shoulder dislocation and junior Catherine Lund appeared fully recovered from a concussion in December. Despite that, the Lady Hawks still struggled against Juab, ranked fifth in 3A, in a 41-28 loss.

The right-handed Clayton, one of North Sanpete’s top scorers, played with her left hand most of the game but still managed to contribute six points, second only to Lund’s eight points. The Hawks collectively shot very well from the charity strip to keep them competitive, going 15 of 19 from the line.

“We are starting to play a lot better,” head coach Randi Griffith said. “We are limiting turnovers and playing better defense, but we are struggling to score.  The team has started taking the right steps to recover. We just have to continue working and focusing on defense and have some confidence on the offensive side of the ball.”

Even though the return of their starters provides some positivity, for now, the struggling Lady Hawks have plenty of work to do to make up for lost time. Now, holders of a nine-game losing streak, the Lady Hawks are 0-3 in region play and face an uphill battle against a tough 3A region with three of the top five teams in the state.

North Sanpete’s homestand continues as they played Canyon View on Tuesday and will be at home against fourth-ranked Carbon tonight at 7 p.m.

Wasatch girls remain undefeated after win over Rowland Hall, 71-30


Matt Harris

Staff writer



SALT LAKE CITY—Times continue to be good for the Lady Tigers, now standing at 6-0 overall for the first time.

The Wasatch Academy girls basketball team posted an easy runaway victory to improve to 2-0 in region play, walloping Rowland Hall, 71-30. The Lady Tigers never gave the Winged Lionesses a chance, leading 44-12 at halftime and only committing a single shooting foul to show off a clean, disciplined defense.

Wasatch boasted three double-digit scorers in the game led by junior Manu Oliviera with 21 points, while junior Mari Zanelatto contributed 18 points and junior Vanessa Medina added another 16. Oliviera is currently averaging an astounding 23.5 points per game.

The Lady Tigers started region play late, but still lead the region even ahead of undefeated Layton Christian Academy. Wasatch holds the lead due to the magnitude of their wins. The Lady Tigers have only had one game that was decided by less than 15 points and have an average margin of victory of 30 points per game.

The Lady Tiger now have a three-game home stand. They played Layton Christian in a battle of the unbeaten on Tuesday (scores next week) and will play against American Prep Academy tonight at 7 p.m.

Hawks surprise Wasps in 47-45 win, clinched with last-second layup


Matt Harris

Staff writer



NEPHI—The sweet taste of victory was even sweeter last week as the Hawks took down rival Juab in an upset win.

A game that was neck-and-neck from start to finish ended with sophomore Shawn Taylor making the biggest two points of the North Sanpete boys basketball season right at the end to seal a 47-45 victory against the Wasps, much to the satisfaction of head coach Cris Hoopes.

“I was really pleased with the fact that our kids kept with what we are doing,” Hoopes said. “I was pleased with the resilience they showed, and we just got enough good breaks to win to get the win.”

Resilience was key in a gripping region rivalry that went into the fourth quarter tied 30-30. The game started slowly on offense as both teams struggled to score. At halftime, it was Juab who had the edge in a sluggish half, 17-15. The tale of two halves flipped the script for both teams right out of the gate in the second half, as North Sanpete led the offensive retaliation by outscoring the Wasps, 32-28.

Taylor’s heroic last-second layup may have stolen the show, but it was only two of a four-point night for the sophomore. Meanwhile, junior Spencer Steadman led all scorers with 19 points, far outpacing the rest.

North Sanpete proved more capable of hitting shots from the field but could never get rid of Juab due to a plethora of free-throw opportunities that the Wasps had. Luckily for the Hawks, Juab only sunk 15 of their 27 shots from the line, while the Hawks went 9-19.

“We’ve got to do a better job of not putting ourselves in that position,” Hoopes said. “I think it’s a necessary thing when teams are fighting hard. Had we made more of our own free throws, we may not have given them much of a chance.”

Although North Sanpete sports a miserable overall 4-12 record, this win puts them in a quality position in region standings at 2-1. The Hawks played last night at Canyon View and will be on the road against Carbon tomorrow night.

Wasatch hits double digits in win against Impact Acadamy


Matt Harris

Staff writer



MT. PLEASANT—The Tigers clearly didn’t want anyone to think their offense was struggling last Friday.

After struggling to score against one of the best teams in the nation last week, the Wasatch Academy boys basketball team made up for it by thumping visiting Impact Academy, Ga., 100-52, one of very few 100-point games seen in Utah this season.

“I was very happy with our effort on both sides of the ball, and we did a great job of sharing the ball on offense,” head coach Curtis Condie said. “Defensively we held IMG to their lowest output. I was very happy with that.”

The Tigers blew the gate off the hinges to start the game by posting a 30-point first quarter en route to a 51-23 lead at halftime and never let up, outscoring the opposition in every quarter and sinking 13 three-pointers as a team.

Junior Emmanuel Akot led all scorers with 22 points, while seniors Jeff Baradziej and Zion Young each added 17. Junior Damion Squire also scored 16 to keep up in the downpour.

With a win against Pleasant Grove High School, Wasatch Academy moved back to No. 1 in Deseret News rankings.

Upcoming, the Tigers have their toughest test yet. They will be traveling to face Chino Hills, Calif. on their home court. Chino Hills is MaxPreps’ No. 1 team in the nation and will be the fourth nationally-ranked team that Wasatch has faced this season. The prior three have resulted in one win, and two losses as Wasatch beat then-unbeaten Lone Peak earlier this season but has dropped contests against Findlay Prep, Nev., and IMG Academies, Fla.

Wasatch will play against Chino Hills this Saturday.

“As we look to play fifth-ranked Chino Hills and their 57 game winning streak,” Condie said, “it should be a fun game, and we look forward to the competition. They have great talent.”

Snow loses first region game to SLCC


Matt Harris

Staff writer



SALT LAKE CITY—The Badger region winning streak ended last week at the hands of its rival.

Uncharacteristic struggling on the offensive end spelled doom for the Snow men’s basketball team, and they suffered their first region loss of the season to rival Salt Lake C.C., 87-79.

The Badgers could never overcome the stifling Bruins’ defense, limiting them to roughly 34 percent shooting for the game, including only 33 percent from three.

“Our offense was slowed down by a good defense,” head coach Rob Nielson said. “We missed some shots that we normally hit. When you shoot as many threes as we do, some nights, they just don’t go in.”

Salt Lake also outrebounded the Badgers 47-38 due to so many missed shots from Snow. The most telling stat of the game, however, may very well have been the deficiency of the Snow bench, which only scored eight points in the entire game. Both sophomore Nate Bruneel and reserve Romain Boxus also fouled during the game.

Freshman Zach Hunsaker and sophomore Riley Panter each scored 18 points to lead the Badgers while sophomore Blake Truman and freshman A.J. Jones each added 13.

The loss moves Salt Lake up into a tie for first place in the Scenic West Athletic Conference with Snow. Both teams are undefeated in conference play against everyone except each other.

“It has been a great start to the year, and we look forward to our next round of games with these teams,” Nielson said. “They are all very good teams and playing [them] as often as we do is a challenge. Our guys played hard and battled, and that is key. The shots will go in for us most of the time.”

The Badgers can still take pride this week in another win against fellow conference power Southern Idaho, 84-79. It is the second time that Snow has beaten CSI this season. The Badgers shot 44 percent from the field and were led by 18-point performances from both Jones and Hunsaker. Bruneel added 17, while Panter added 11. Truman had 12 rebound to go with seven points.

The Badgers are now 16-3 on the season and are ranked No. 21 nationally. They will be away from home tonight against Utah State-Eastern before returning to Ephraim to play Colorado Northwestern this Saturday at 5 p.m.

     Lady Bulldogs completely owned by No. Sevier, 83-28


Matt Harris

Staff writer




SALINA—There’s not much you can say to soften the blow from the beating the Lady Bulldogs took last week against top-ranked North Sevier.

North Sevier toyed with the Gunnison girls basketball team en route to an 83-28 victory that looked to be over before long.

The Lady Bulldogs were outscored 50-13 at halftime and 70-18 at the end of the third. The Lady Wolves, second only to unbeaten Emery in region standings, had their most productive offensive game of their season.

For Gunnison head coach Melissa Sorensen, the dilemma was simple. “We were not mentally prepared to play one of the top teams in the state,” she said.

Gunnison was in the game without its top scorer, sophomore Jaida King, who averages just over seven points per game. Another King took the reigns as sophomore Paige King led with six points in her absence.

Gunnison’s loss makes North Sevier undefeated against teams in Sanpete County, having beaten the Lady Bulldogs and Manti in region, and North Sanpete during the 3A-2A Preview last December.

The divide between region powers and stragglers grows even more. With Emery and North Sevier eyeing the 2A Championship and San Juan keeping up in region play, the Bulldogs are struggling to stay in the region picture.

It’s not over yet for Gunnison. Standing at 2-3 in region play, the Lady Bulldogs will play three games in the next week. After traveling to play at San Juan tomorrow, they will continue on the road against Grand on Saturday. Gunnison beat Grand in their last matchup, 36-35. They then return home to face top-ranked Emery next Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Lady Badger play well, but fail in final game 69-53 against SLCC


Matt Harris

Staff writer



SALT LAKE CITY—Just when there was cause for celebration, the Lady Badgers had their good times halted by a heartbreaking loss to rival Salt Lake.

The Snow women’s basketball team served cold vengeance to Southern Idaho (CSI), who embarrassed the Lady Badgers in their last game, by way of a convincing 69-53 victory to even Snow’s record at 8-8. The good times ended prematurely, however, as rival Salt Lake dashed their hopes of an upset bid with a comeback victory over Snow, 56-50.

The Lady Badgers hoped to make up for their previous outing against CSI and did so in glorious fashion. Snow deconstructed the Lady Eagles’ offense for four quarters, limiting them to roughly 36 percent field goal percentage and a paltry 16 percent from three. Meanwhile, Snow shot 44 percent and made 33 percent of their threes en route to the victory.

“Our practices have been noticeably better, and our players are more focused,” head coach Mike Russell said. “Our team defense has become a major focus, and it’s improved immensely.”

Freshman Lindsay Cook led the Lady Badgers with a very accurate shooting night, going eight of 10 as part of her 17 points. Freshman Harley Hansen played second fiddle with 16 points, while freshman Madison Mooring did her damage from a distance, making three of six three-pointers as part of 11 points on the day.

Good times looked to continue when last Saturday the Lady Badgers faced the rival Salt Lake Lady Bruins. With the Badgers holding a seven-point lead with 5 minutes left to go, it looked as if Snow was going to pull off the unlikely upset over the No. 7 team in the country, but Salt Lake had other plans. Scoring the next 12 points of the game over a four-minute span, Salt Lake rallied while Snow could not get another made basket until the final 40 seconds.

The Lady Badgers never recovered, and Salt Lake remained undefeated in the Scenic West Athletic Conference.

“We believe we can compete with and beat any and every team in our conference, and we have proved that with our recent play,” Russell said. “We controlled the tempo in [Saturday’s] game and really did everything we needed to win, except close out the game.”

Mooring led Snow in scoring, hitting four threes and scoring 14 points in a primarily defensive battle. The Lady Badgers are third in the SWAC at 3-3.

Snow next plays on the road against Utah State-Eastern today, before returning home to play Colorado Northwestern at 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Get free help filling out your taxes from IRS and VITA


Robert Stevens

Managing editor



Sanpete residents can count on getting a hand filing their taxes this year with free tax preparation help from the “Earn It, Keep It, Save It” coalition, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program and the IRS.

The free tax help is available for those who have low to moderate income ($54,000 or less), seniors, disabled individuals or those with English as their second language.

Local tax volunteers have been certified through the IRS VITA program to prepare basic tax returns, provide information on credits, deductions and allowable expenses that taxpayers may be eligible for and electronically file both federal and state tax returns at no charge.

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is an important item tax volunteers will be checking to see if area residents are eligible for.  The EITC is for Utahns who work but don’t make a lot of money.  In 2016, if you made $53,505 or less, you may qualify for this refundable credit.  Refundable means even if you didn’t have any federal income tax withheld on wages earned, you could still get a refund.

According to the IRS, the EITC could be worth as much as $6,269 for a married couple with three or more children.

Sanpete residents seeking free tax help need to bring with them photo identification for themselves (and their spouses); valid Social Security Numbers or Individual Tax Identification Numbers for each person listed on the tax return; all wage and earnings statements; interest, dividend or miscellaneous income and/or mortgage interest paid statements if applicable, the Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement; proof of health insurance; amounts paid for day care and the day care provider’s identifying number ; a copy of last year’s tax return (if available) and any other information concerning income and expenses for 2016.  If filing jointly, both spouses must be present to sign the required forms.

The programs are not able to provide help with business tax returns or complex individual income tax returns.  Free tax help sites are conveniently located in the community at neighborhood centers, libraries, schools, shopping malls and other nearby locations.

Please contact the Regional Coordinator, Shara Bastian, at 435-893-0735 regarding tax help site locations, dates and times open, etc.

The CRDA was scheduled to go out of business in 2008. Then the Utah Legislature gave CRDAs a seven-year extension if they wanted to develop an event center. The Mt. Pleasant agency took advantage of the extension to develop the ConToy Arena. - Robert Stevens / Messenger photo

The CRDA was scheduled to go out of business in 2008. Then the Utah Legislature gave CRDAs a seven-year extension if they wanted to develop an event center. The Mt. Pleasant agency took advantage of the extension to develop the ConToy Arena. – Robert Stevens / Messenger photo

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