Badgers win over Green River, Rexburg United

Darrian Nebeker goes up strong for a dunk against Rexburg United. The Snow College men’s basketball team started out strong to dominate Rexburg United. 108-74, in a home game this weekend.


Badgers win over Green River, Rexburg United


By Jacob Clawson

Staff writer



Following the lead of the Lady Badgers, the Snow College Men’s basketball team stepped up this weekend as well, claiming their latest two victories over Green River and Rexburg United.

With Snow surpassing 100 points in both games, the Badgers pulled out a 102-79 final score against Green River, and a 34 point victory over Rexburg, 108-74.

Green River held on as long as they could, practically matching Snow at halftime 43-44, but couldn’t keep up as Snow knocked out 58 points in the second half, towering over their 36 points.

Rexburg supplied a different story as the Badgers were able to take an early lead, which gave the whole team some play time. This even allowed the badgers to showboat as Tredyn Christensen hung from the rim after a slam dunk over a sluggish Rexburg defense.

Snow freshman Matt Norman led the team against Green river with 22 points, 12 of which were 3-pointers. Tredyn Christensen then went on to lead the team in the game against Rexburg without missing a single shot

“We’re happy with our progression and I think we’re getting better,” said Coach Robert Neilson. “And we have to just keep getting better; so this was just what we needed going into the break.”

Losing two of the last three home games this season, Snow was really looking to improve their record at home along with pushing themselves into an overall winning record for the season. The Badgers suffered from tough losses on various games early in the season, but they are taking two consecutive wins at home into the break.

Along with being a younger team than in years past, Snow is really feeling the disadvantages of being a two year school this year. “All the really difficult games we’ve had to play in the beginning of the season and being really young with all of our freshmen has meant we’ve needed them to learn what basketball is like at this level,” said Neilson. “They just need experience and play really quality teams.”

Snow will take a 10 day break for the holidays before returning to compete in both Scottsdale and Chandler, Arizona against Scottsdale Community College and Chandler-Gilbert Community College on December 27 and 28.

As students return for the following semester, the team opens conference play at home on Jan. 9 against Utah State University Eastern.