Bigler back at helm as mayor of Mt. Pleasant

Sandra Bigler
Bigler back at helm as mayor of Mt. Pleasant


James Tilson

Staff writer



MT PLEASANT—During their June 27 meeting, the Mt. Pleasant City Council voted 3-2 to select former mayor Sandra Bigler to serve as interim mayor after the resignation of David Blackham in May.

Councilmembers Keith Collier, Heidi Kelso and Kevin Stallings cast their vote for Bigler, while Justin Atkinson and Dan Anderson voted to select former mayor pro-tem and councilmember Dan Simons.

Bigler, who served as mayor from 2009-2013, will serve out the remainder of Blackham’s term, which ends Jan. 1, 2018. Both Bigler and Simons filed applications to be considered for the position.

After the vote, Atkinson expressed hope that Bigler will proceed with many of the programs started by Blackham.

“We have a lot of things going on, and I want to see us continue to have progress,” Atkinson said.

Bigler explained that she wants to continue the infrastructure projects that have been stewarded by Blackham, some of which were started during her initial term as mayor. Those projects include additions to the industrial park, continued support of ConToy arena, completion and development of the aquatic center, expansion of the city’s culinary water supply and upgrading the road system for the city.

She also added that she would institute an evaluation system for municipal employees in an effort to improve their morale.

“I think we have to appreciate our employees,” Bigler said.

Simons said that he would like to continue with programs from the previous administration—and emphasized that he would be willing to spend a lot of time working for the city.

“Crews can always use a helping hand,” Simons added. “I don’t mind getting my hands dirty.”

According to Simons, he said he would have the council more involved with city government; he would give them more input in the budget process and have council members assigned to specific departments of city administration.