CentraCom donates $70K to worthy causes


Faylyn Catmull of CentraCom presents the donations to Kent Larsen of South Sanpete School District.

CentraCom donates $70K to worthy causes


By Robert Green

Staff writer



FAIRVIEW—CentraCom announced it donated over $70,000 to local school districts, charitable organizations and medical foundations.

Each year, CentraCom employees donate a portion of their salaries to personally selected charitable organizations. And CentraCom matches the contributions to the same organization on their behalf. And during this time of uncertainty for the health and well-being of the community and the education of students, the employees of CentraCom have chosen to donate to entities on the front-line of service in this community, said Nate Palmer, VP of marketing.

The donations have been sent to the school districts served by CentraCom, to local and statewide medical foundations and hospitals and senior adult nursing services.

Faylyn Catmull of CentraCom presents the donation to Nan Ault of North Sanpete High School.

Eddie Cox, President of CentraCom, said: “We want to support the community in these trying times and appreciate the dedication of each CentraCom employee to serve in our communities. We hope these donated funds will help each organization continue the great cause they are accomplishing.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges that many have faced, CentraCom pledged to the Keep Americans Connected Initiative that ensures people do not lose their broadband or telephone connectivity as a result of these exceptional circumstances.

And as the students were moved to online learning, CentraCom connected over 400 homes at no charge for the remainder of the school year. “We have received a tremendous response from school administrators, teachers and parents,” Palmer said.

The CentraCom Local 10 streaming service will be streaming the graduation ceremonies for all of the public high schools in Sanpete, Sevier, Millard and Juab counties, Palmer said.

Eddie Cox, General Manager of CentraCom (left) presents the donation to Aaron Wood, CEO of Intermountain Sanpete Valley Hospital.