CentraCom lends helping hands and paintbrushes to fix up rodeo grounds

Caleb Cox, 16, helps CentraCom employees fix up the rodeo grounds. Caleb got a summer job at the company through his uncle, Casey Cox.
CentraCom lends helping hands and paintbrushes to fix up rodeo grounds


Clara Hatcher

Staff writer



FAIRVIEW—CentraCom employees have completed another annual day of service, this time by fixing up the rodeo grounds in Fairview.

Casey Cox, vice president of the local telecommunications company, said employees devote a day, every year, to giving back to the cities they serve. On Wednesday, June 28, nearly half of the company’s 100 employees were volunteering their time to help out in Fairview.

“We started at 8 a.m. and will work until it’s done,” Kristie Ison, CentraCom customer service representative, said.

Employees helping at the rodeo grounds were scraping old paint off of the benches, repainting numbers for seating and applying sealant.

In the past two years, the company has chosen to provide service in the towns of Delta and Fillmore. New landscaping and sprinkler systems were installed in Delta. In Fillmore, similar improvements were made to a public park.

CentraCom provides telecommunications services including DSL service, cable TV and cable internet to much of central, North and Western Utah. Cox said that the company has been organizing annual service projects for nearly 15 years.

A native of Fairview, Casey said that this project has been his favorite so far because he is a regular at the rodeo. Fairview Mayor Jeff Cox said that the help is “more than welcome.”

“The rodeo was having a tough time. It can be hard to get people to help,” Cox said. “It is really wonderful for the city and great to have them here.”

In addition to benefiting the city, Jeff said that it provides a chance for employees to get out of the office.

“It’s not really a day off because it is still hard work, but it breaks the monotony and feels good to give back to the communities we serve,” Cox said.

Ison added that when the employees arrived at the rodeo grounds, it was clear that there was work to be done.

“It’s a great thing the company does,” Ison said. “I’m proud to be a part of it.”