CentraCom offering six college scholarships

CentraCom offering six

college scholarships


FAIRVIEW—Tomorrow is the deadline for six CentraCom scholarships.

For over a decade, “CentraCom Interactive has offered scholarships to eligible high school seniors planning to attend college,” says the CentraCom press release.

The six scholarships are for $500, yet if a recipient chooses to attend Snow College, the scholarship value increases substantially to $1,250 since CentraCom’s part becomes $1,000 and Snow College adds $250.

“The scholarship may be used for any college expense, such as tuition, books, housing, etc.,” and “scholarship deferrals for service opportunities will be managed by Snow College,” states the website (https://centracom.com/scholarship).

To apply for a scholarship, obtain an application by contacting Erin William at 427-0688, by e-mailing her or by downloading the application.

The requirements include being a high school senior planning to attend or accepted to attend college in the fall of 2018 and being a legal dependent of a CentraCom Interactive customer.

In addition to the completed application, candidates must submit an essay, high school transcript, ACT results, a recommendation from a principal or teacher and a recommendation from an employer, civic leader or religious leader. More details are at the website.

Completed applications must be postmarked no later than tomorrow and mailed to CentraCom, PO Box 7, Fairview, UT 84629 or delivered to the office at 35 S. State in Fairview.

A committee will use the following criteria for evaluation: “originality and creativity in presenting the essay, noteworthy involvement in community service and school activities and future goals demonstrating a genuine interest in continuing education.”

Those selected will be notified by telephone and by mail and will also be featured on CentraCom’s website.