Clarification of history and changes at the Sanpete Pantry


Clarification of history and changes

at the Sanpete Pantry




Leaders of the Sanpete Pantry say a story in last week’s paper did not present a full picture of what is currently happening at the Sanpete Food Pantry.

The mission of the Sanpete Food Pantry is to provide a quality experience for those who have a need. Since the first of the year, the food pantry has made some major changes on how it operates and to its management team in order to provide this needed service to county.

Jeff Jarman, a long-time board member and volunteer, took over as the executive director in October 2019 and Tracy Kummer came on as director of operations in January 2020.

The story talked about the pantry receiving a commitment for funds to build a walkway between two parts of the food pantry building as well as install a walk-up window where clients can come to request services. (This and other projects were necessary due to COVID-19 concerns.) Jeff Jarman, the new director of the pantry, put the value of the donation at $6,000.

Since the building, the pantry occupies is owned by the county (the pantry leases it for $1 per year), pantry leaders attended a county commission meeting to inform the commission about the project. The county also reimburses the Sanpete Pantry for the cost of utilities in the building.

After some difficulties between the pantry and the county commission in 2019, “we’re starting to have a working relationship again,” says Martin McCain, fund raising director for the pantry. “The commissioners have really stepped up to help the pantry, including helping us find the funds to help the whole county. They truly have been a pleasure to work with.”

The organization now has a new chairman, Kenneth Krogue of Spring City. According to McCain, the Sanpete Pantry is beginning to raise funds from state-level charities (with the donation for the $6,000 in improvements as a prime example). The operation is also committed to a fund raising campaign here in Sanpete County.

Because of the coronavirus, the pantry has suspended home deliveries. But Sanpete County residents should be assured that the pantry, located at 1080 S. Blackhawk Blvd. in the Mt. Pleasant Industrial Park, is open to serve them if they need food assistance. Hours are Wednesday and Thursday from 1-3 p.m.

For Gunnison Valley residents who have difficulty getting to Mt. Pleasant, the pantry does a mobile drop at the Gunnison Valley Fire Station on the third Tuesday of each month at 11 a.m.