Co-op to honor Scandinavian heritage with Santa Lucia feast


Co-op to honor Scandinavian

heritage with Santa Lucia feast


By Robert Stevens

Managing editor

Oct. 26, 2017


EPHRAIM—In keeping with the area’s Scandinavian heritage, the Ephraim Co-op is hosting the Feast of Santa Lucia, a special fundraising event paying homage to the martyred Christian saint, Lucia.

The event, scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 13, will be centered around the legend of Santa (or saint) Lucia, who, during a period of Christian persecution, supposedly delivered food to Christians hiding in the catacombs below Rome.

The legend says Lucia wore a wreath circled with candles to light the way while she carried food for people hiding in the ancient tombs and tunnels.

(Depending on the Scandinavian country—Denmark, Norway, Sweden, etc.—the celebration is also referred to as the Feast of Saint Lucy or Feast of Saint Lucia.)

Gloria Winter, Ephraim Co-op board member, says co-op leaders came up with the fundraising event as a way to make up for not being able use the Sanpete County Fairgrounds Exhibit Building for their traditional craft fair during the Mormon Miracle Pageant.

The event, which includes an authentic Scandinavian smorgasbord, the Santa Lucia procession, music and a program, will be limited to 100 seats. The cost is $35, and tickets may be purchased at the co-op.

“This is going to be a really deluxe dinner,” Winter says.

As part of the event, several competitions are being held, all with a Nov. 1 deadline.

Girls ages 14-18 can enter a 500-word essay competition to select the girl who will play Santa Lucia or one of her attendants in the program on Dec. 13, as well as in the Ephraim light parade on Dec. 1.

The girls may choose from three themes: How my family keeps our Scandinavian heritage alive, how my Scandinavian heritage has shaped my life, or what it means to me to have Scandinavian heritage.

Boy and girls ages 10-13 can enter a 200-word essay to compete for a chance to portray “Star Boys” or “Brownies” in the program.

They can choose from two topics for their essays: Telling about one of my family’s Scandinavian traditions, or telling about my Scandinavian ancestors.

Youth chosen to participate will be responsible for their own costumes (a floor-length white dress for girls and a white robe for boys).

Kids younger than 10 years old can participate in a contest that involves drawing a troll and writing a 200–word story about the troll. Prizes will be awarded, but this category will not include participation in the Santa Lucia program.

Winter says all completed essays should be emailed to kpbrown123@yahoo.com. Troll pictures and stories should be dropped off at the Ephraim Co-op, 96 N. Main St. Winners will be announced Nov. 20.

There will also be a raffle from Dec. 1-20 at the co-op. Names will be drawn on Dec. 21. If you would like to donate to the raffle, call Winter at 851-2105.

Anyone interested in being an essay judge should contact Kristin Brown at (801) 592-2984.