Come see the big green ogre as MHS presents ‘Shrek’ musical

An elf tells Shrek that the magical creatures have nowhere else to go but Shrek’s swamp in Manti High’s production of Shrek.


Come see the big green ogre as MHS presents ‘Shrek’ musical


By Lloyd Call 

Associate publisher



MANTI—Big, green, ugly ogre Shrek just wants to be left alone in his swamp, but when magical creatures pour in, little does he know that he will begin an adventure that leads him to true love. He will meet an annoying talking donkey, fight a dragon, rescue a cursed princess and rise above the odious king of the land as the Manti High School theater department performs “Shrek, the Musical” Thursday through Saturday and Monday, Nov. 21-23 and 25, with curtain time at 7 p.m. Tickets are $6.

Directed by Kory Howard, and choreographed by Abby Huff, with music by Jeanine Tesori, the musical is lots of fun and the audience will be amazed and delighted by the costumes and singing.

Principal cast members are Conner Zollinger (Shrek), Tiffany Wayman (Fiona), Zach Brown (Donkey), Marcus Bahlmann (Farquaad), and the dragon, Hope Marsing, Emma Imlay and Jamie Albee.

“People who know Shrek think it’s all a lot of fun and singing, but if you haven’t seen the play or movie, it is really a touching story. It’s about accepting yourself and others,” says Howard. “Come prepared to laugh, but you may find a tear in your eye at the end as well.”