Council learns Ephraim well output falling short of expectations

Council learns Ephraim well output falling short of expectations

By James Tilson

Associate Editor



EPHRAIM—Ephraim will attempt to coax better production out of its new well after its initial production fell well short of expectations.

            City engineer Bryan Kimball gave the city council an update on the progress of bringing the new city well on-line during the council meeting last Wednesday.

            “Bottom line, the well is not producing as well as we had hoped,” said Kimball. When the city first began to dig the well, they were hoping for production of 1,200 to 1,500 gallons per minute (gpm). However, the well has only produced 400 gpm so far.

            “Since we finished the well, we have looked at lots of options,” he said. “The one we have chosen is a ‘well blast.’” According to Kimball, the ‘well blast’ will take canned compressed air, and lower it into the well shaft. The release of compressed air in the shaft will hopefully knock out obstructions and clean screens, as well as loosen up the gravel pack around the shaft.

            “Once we complete the well blast, we will disinfect the well and then ready it for its permanent pump,” said Kimball. He estimated it would take from a couple of weeks to a month to get the well ready for a permanent pump.

            “There are no guarantees for how effective the well blast will be,” he said.  However, Kimball also pointed out with the exceptional weather this spring, the city had not had to turn on the well pumps at all this summer. This gave the city more time to work on the new