Demolition for new courthouse underway

Workers for Archer Construction begin leveling buildings between Union Street and 100 North where a new courthouse will be built.


By Robert Stevens

Managing editor



MANTI—Contractors have begun the process of making room for a new courthouse in Manti this week.

Archer Construction, which won the bid from the state to demolish several buildings to make way for a new 6th District courthouse, began the work on Tuesday.

According to workers, the demolition process should last about two weeks. The process involves leveling at least two buildings—the “old parachute factory” and the adjacent old Cox Construction building.

The old parachute factory, which is at 11 East between Union Street and 100 North, was once used to make parachutes for the war effort. It was previously owned by the Manti Improvement Business Association (MIBA), but the city sold the 1.38 acre lot on which the old building sits to the State of Utah last year for $120,000.

The purchase was a relief for Manti City, which was struggling with how to deal with the building, which had become a safety and fire hazard. It would have cost the city an estimated $200,000 to demolish the building. But with the sale of the lot for the new courthouse, those expenses will be handled by the State of Utah now.

In addition to the old factory, the State of Utah also purchased the old Cox Construction building and the Dial Herbs on Main Street building from independent sellers. All three lots will be a part of the new courthouse project.

Manti City Manager, Kent Barton, says the state is working on getting funding for the courthouse construction in 2020.

“Manti City is very supportive of the project,” Barton says.