Ephraim rescinds shut-off order for DJ Trailer Court

Ephraim rescinds shut-off order for DJ Trailer Court


James Tilson

Staff writer



EPHRAIM — The Ephraim City Council has approved repairs at the DJ Trailer Court owned by David Strate and rescinded the shut-off order for the court utilities.

The city council listened to the Power Department Superintendent Cory Daniels and Public Works Director Chad Parry describe the state of repairs completed in the park since January, when the council voted give Strate until the April 19 meeting to finish remaining plumbing and electrical repairs.

“I’m really happy with it,” Parry told the council. He noted that old water meters have been fixed or removed, and individual hook-ups have double-valves now.

He told the council that the Snow College football team was scheduled to do a clean-up at the park on Saturday, April 22.

Daniels said even though some parts of the park still needed upgrades, “everything else looked great. All items on the Sunrise list have been addressed.” Most of the remaining issues, he noted, are in individual trailers.

“It needs to continue,” Councilman Tyler Alder said. “It needs to upgrade.”

The council also heard a presentation from Utah National Guard Capt. Chris Tarbett with the Blackhawk Aviation Unit stationed in West Jordan.

Tarbett informed the council of an upcoming operation his unit would be participating in the air over Sanpete County.

The unit will deploy to Iraq next year, he explained. Operation Wasatch Hammer will be a practice mission to prepare for the deployment. The operation will run from next Saturday through May 13; however, most activity will occur from May 5-9 between noon and 2 a.m.

Tarbett said that three tents will be set up on the Mt Pleasant airstrip during the operation. There will be a “community day” on May 8. Otherwise, the public will not have access to the unit’s personnel.

During the staff comment period near the end of the meeting, City Manager Brant Hanson informed the council that the owner of the Travel Inn had received bids from contractors to tear down the dilapidated structure. Hanson said he believed the work should be starting soon.