Ephraim sees progress at DJ Trailer court, gives preliminary OK to mitigation plan

Ephraim sees progress at DJ Trailer court, gives preliminary OK to mitigation plan


James Tilson

Staff writer



EPHRAIM—Without trailer park owner David Strate in attendance, the Ephraim City Council gave preliminary approval of a mitigation plan for correcting health and safety hazards at the JD Trailer Park and set a deadline of April 19 for work to be completed.

In a 30-minute work meeting prior to the regular meeting, the council focused on reports from Power Department Director Cory Daniels and Public Works Director Chad Parry detailing the repairs already completed by contractors hired by Strate.

City Manager Brant Hanson reviewed the reports, saying he and the city staff had met several times with the contractors Andy Cox, an electrician, and Jared Anderson, a plumber. Based on the reports from those meetings, the trailer park had addressed “90-95 percent of the issues,” Hanson said. The remaining issues fell on the trailer owners, not the park owner.

Daniels reported that in his meetings with Cox, all of his health and safety concerns with the park’s electrical systems had been addressed. He admitted to having some further concerns but said those could wait until warmer weather arrived.

Cox also addressed the council, saying that he had gone over each pedestal (power connection), and had fixed a number of issues already. Council member John Scott asked Cox whether there was “any chance of accidental electrocution?”  Cox replied that there had been “but we’ve taken care of it.”

Parry addressed the council, reporting on his meetings with Anderson. Parry felt that the proposed solutions from Anderson satisfied his concerns. He even stated that he thought the solutions would save the trailer park “a ton of money” that could pay for the repairs. Parry stated that Strate has committed to the repairs and would be responsible for the costs.

Hanson stated that he had been trying to meet with Strate to ascertain his willingness to finish the repairs. However, Strate could not meet with Hanson before the council meeting because of illness.

Recorder Leigh Ann Warnock stated that Strate had called on the phone before the meeting, and had told her, “I don’t see any other way to go forward but to complete the repairs.”

At the regular meeting, the issue became when all of the repairs could be completed. The council again heard from Daniels and Parry, and also from Jared Anderson. After the city staff directors had reiterated that they were satisfied with the efforts of the contractors, they addressed how long the repairs would take.

Daniels, speaking on behalf of Cox, said the electrical repairs would be done before April 1, noting that remaining repairs would need the ground to thaw before they could be completed.

Anderson stated that he was glad to meet with Parry, and that they were able to come up with a plan to satisfy the city jointly. He also said that April 1 should be enough time for him to finish his repairs, although he felt that he should finish up before then.

Council member Tyler Alder stated, “Sounds like we’re making progress.”  However, Councilwoman Marge Anderson said that she wanted a signed plan from David Strate committing to completing the repairs already begun.

Scott proposed a motion to accept the mitigation plan from Strate and set a deadline of April 19 (the time of the city’s second regular April meeting) for all repairs to be completed. The approval would be contingent on Strate presenting a written plan within two weeks, and the council approving it. The motion unanimously passed.

Amy Hanson, an advocate for the trailer park residents that had been present at many of the meetings dealing  with the trailer park issue, said she was “elated that the city has been so generous, working with David Strate and the trailer park on the issues, so that the families would not become homeless.”

Connie Hill, with the Utah Coalition of Manufactured Homes, Inc., confirmed that the organization was no longer interested in purchasing the JD Trailer Park, although it might be interested in the trailer park on Main Street.