Ephraim working to improve well production

Ephraim working to improve well production


By Robert Stevens 

Managing editor



EPHRAIM—Ephraim’s city engineer told the council last Wednesday that engineers are ready to employ measures to improve production of their new well.

Working with the city staff, Bryan Kimball, Ephraim City Engineer and Layne Jensen, the civil engineer in charge of the new well project, had decided upon the course of action to improve the production from the new city culinary well.

“The best part is, even with the expenditures, we are still well within our original budget,” Kimball told the city council. First, the city will use a chemical treatment to try to clear out any blockages in the well shaft.

Next, the engineers will use a “well blast” method to pump pressurized air into the well, to hopefully break up the strata around the well shaft. And then, the engineers would pump out the well afterwards, if necessary, to bring out any debris.

The cost of the methods would be $6,500 for the chemical treatment, $25,000 for the well blasting, and up to $4,000 for the additional pumping.

Kimball cautioned the council these measures were not guaranteed to have positive results, but were the best alternatives available to the city at this point.

The council approved the expenditures to improve the well.