Fire destroys structure at Skyline Mountain Resort

This structure burned to the ground at Skyline Mountain Resort on Wednesday, July 29. Fire crews were able to contain the fire to the immediate property.


Fire destroys structure at Skyline Mountain Resort


By Robert Stevens

Managing editor



SKYLINE MOUNTAIN RESORT—A structure fire at Skyline Mountain Resort ended with the loss of a building, but it could have been much worse.

On the morning of Wednesday, July 29, one of the homes caught fire. The immediate goal was to not only put out the structure, but to prevent the spread of fire into the surrounding brush and trees.

The structure was a loss, but the fire was held to the immediate property, wrote the Sanpete County Sheriff’s Office on their Twitter account.

Complications of fighting the fire including propane tanks venting and feeding the flames, some of which went as high as 50 feet or more.

Max Pugmire, a resident at Skyline Mountain Resort, wrote the Messenger to express his gratitude for how well the fire crews handled the situation.

“We saw the professionalism of the Fairview Fire Department, County Fire Warden, Tom Peterson, and his team, Sheriff Brian Nielsen’s team plus the cooperative effort of fire departments from Spring City to Indianola and police from Mt. Pleasant,” Pugmire said. “I would match these dedicated community servants, volunteers and professionals with any I have seen in the larger cities. Thanks also to the Skyline Mountain Special Services district for making over 1/3 of a million gallons of water available through multiple fire hydrants to help Fairview control this horrific fire so quickly.”