IHC launches TeleHealth oncology to allow patients to be treated closer to home

IHC launches TeleHealth oncology to allow patients to be treated closer to home




Intermountain Sanpete Valley Hospital is helping local cancer patients by providing an extra level of support through the use of telehealth technology that will enable patients to be treated closer to home.

Beginning Jan. 27, Sanpete Valley Hospital will offer Intermountain TeleHealth Oncology services to local patients, including onsite chemotherapy treatments and consultations with Intermountain Healthcare’s team of oncologists and cancer experts from Intermountain Cancer Center.

From early detection to treatment, including chemotherapy and care planning, Intermountain oncologists and specialists will collaborate with local caregivers to provide individualized support and medically-advanced care via video technology, reducing the need for patients to travel long distances to receive care.

Historically, patients had to travel to Southern Utah, Utah County or Salt Lake County for their cancer care and treatment. Now, through the TeleHealth Oncology service, patients can be screened, receive their care plan, treatment, and recovery—all close to home.

“Our goal of the TeleHealth Oncology service is to provide on-site chemo treatments, through advanced technology, meeting the oncology needs of our patients, to assist them in being successful in managing their condition,” said Sanpete Valley Hospital CEO Aaron Wood. “Cancer patients, who may already not feel well, won’t have to travel an hour or more to receive treatment. Patients can be screened, evaluated, and plan their treatment with oncology specialists, without leaving their community.”

This service not only implements innovative technology to provide the highest level of patient care, but also addresses existing challenges including: travel and travel costs, along with the desire to stay closer to home so that patients can benefit from family and community support during treatment.

“We are excited to offer this new extended care in addition to our other out-patient services such as infusions, IM injections and wound care oncology. This will keep our friends and family close to home,” said Anne Swapp, RN, who will oversee the new program.

To learn more about Sanpete Valley Hospital’s new oncology services, visit with your physician about the referral process or call Sanpete Valley Hospital’s Oncology Team at 462-4630.

Telehealth services encompasses digital, remote and virtual care through the use of video from your computer or phone, and includes new technologies that extend well beyond a follow up telephone call.