Inside our Schools Nov. 23, 2017

Inside our Schools

Compiled by Linda Petersen

Nov. 23, 2017



Gunnison Valley High School
You can get your Santa on and join in the Gunnison Valley Santa Run 5K this Saturday for a good cause.

On Tuesday, the whole school enjoyed the Bulldog’s Got Talent Assembly where more than 18 individuals and groups showed off their talents. The winner received a $50 cash prize. The top three finishers get to go on to the school’s Christmas assembly. The purpose of the assembly was to highlight the many talents of Gunnison students.

The student body officers are again sponsoring the Gunnison Valley Santa Run 5K this Saturday, Nov 25. Check in is at 9:00 a.m. and the race begins at 10:00 a.m.. The $15 registration fee will help fund a Sub for Santa that the SBOs are doing for Gunnison residents.

North Sanpete High School students were introduced to this year’s Sub for Santa program where teachers have agreed to do wacky things like wearing a shock collar and allowing the student body to bark at him (Sterling Whipple) when they reach a funding goal.
North Sanpete High School

The school kicked off its annual Sub for Santa drive last Friday with a school-wide assembly. To help the students’ motivation, several administrators, teachers, SBOs and class officers have agreed to do various silly stunts if the students reach certain money goals:

North Sanpete High Sub for Santa Pledges:

Principal Nan Ault, Asst. Principal Jeff Ericksen – Count and roll all of the change collected. Students will not have to go to class while they count.

Freshman Class Officers – Duct tape them to the wall, with $5 pieces of tape.

Mrs. Brooks & Mrs. Stewart – Condiment Challenge,  – Spray with condiments one time for every $250 raised.

Cheerleaders and SBO President Makade Talbot – Funny Music Video for $600.

Mr. Whipple – Temporary tattoo on his forehead, one for every $700 donated.

Sophomore Class Officers – Bad Joke Telling – Smash an egg on their head if they lose. toward raising $1,000.

Mrs. Tazmin Valko – Wear a different school uniform each day for a week, with a surprise on Friday toward raising $1,111.11.

Mrs. Jori Turpin – Wear her wedding dress for a day at school toward raising $1,500.

Mrs. Griffith, Mrs. Hathaway, Mrs. Peckham – Egg Russian Roulette toward raising $1,500.

Drill Team – Boys basketball team will do their hair and make-up for a day toward raising $1,500.

Student Body Officers – Make an awful music video with a song of the student’s choice toward raising $1,550.55.

Mr Syme, Mr. Pollack, Mr. Landon Bailey – Bad joke telling with an egg to the head for the losers toward raising $2,000.

Mr. Morley, Mr. Bird, Cory Olsen, Brock Bailey – One Chip Challenge toward raising $2,300.

Student Body Officers – Anna will wax the boys’ legs (Makade, Ty, Cooper) toward raising $2555.55.

Junior Class Officers – Pour a bottle of cologne on them, throw rotten tomatoes at them, dump a bucket of glitter on them toward raising $2,734.59.

Mr. Whipple – Wear a shock collar,  allow the student body to bark at him toward raising $3,000.

Mr. Kevin Allen – Donate $50 worth of toys toward raising $3,000.

Mr. Hoopes, Mrs. Hadley, Mr. Tyler Bailey, Mr. Bentley – Greet students on the road when they arrive with signs and dancing toward raising $3,333.33.

Senor Braithwaite – Shave head and allow students to paint shaved head toward raising $3,330.33.

Senior Class Officers – Wear Man Rompers for the day toward raising $3,500.

Lunch Ladies – Allow students to pick the menu for a day toward raising $3,500.

Mrs. Dyches and Mrs. Griffith – Put on blindfolds, run across legos barefoot for two minutes toward raising $3,500.

Student Body Officers – Rickie and Jori will spike a cart of volleyballs at them with their hands tied behind their backs toward raising  $3500.55.

Mr. Sadler – Donate 2.5% of the total donated.

Mr. Johnson – If each class donates $50 she will make them crepes.

Mr. Whipple – Each student in his class will receive a ticket for each $1 donated.  The winner of the drawing will be allowed to knock down his pop can tower.

Mr. Strain – Cheer/Drill allowed to give him a make over for the day toward raising $5,000.

Mr. Strain – Publicly challenge Dwayne Johnson to a wrestling match on social media toward raising $5,500.

The SBOs will be collecting money for the next few weeks during passing times, assemblies, flex time and athletic events.


Ephraim Elementary School
Ephraim Elementary School Reflections winners were honored at a special event recently.

The PTA recently recognized the school’s young artists in a special Reflections night. Students honored were:

Film: Eli Peterson, Tom Brooks

Literature: Adelie Douglas, Roy Everitt, Clara Hales, Janee Christensen, Kamrie Douglas

Music; Ash Brooks

Photography: Benson Warby, Harvey Chaney, Joseph Nielson, Wally Everitt, Nelson Everitt.

Visual Art 3D: Annie Johnson, Elysha Olsen, Kaya Olsen, Kodie Taylor, Sierra Pope.

Visual Art 2D: Crue Stevens, Cy Hales, Draco Stevens, Jayleigh Newton, Joseph Nielson, Luke Christensen, Odin Stevens, Penny Perkins, Roy Eeveritt, Wally Everitt, Andrew Harris, Ashley Olsen, Brinley Bailey, Clara Hales, Clarissa Beagley, Destiny Williams, Galilea Cruz, Grace Cornelsen, Hailey Howard, Kenzee Cox, Lilly Stevens, Lucy Bean, Matthew Gabkhuyag, Nelson Everitt, Stella Quackenbush.

From 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. next Tuesday, Nov. 28, the PTA is having a dine-in fundraiser at McDonald’s., McDonald’s will donate 50 percent of all inside sales to the PTA. Drive-through sales are excluded.


Manti High School

The Lady Templars are hoping to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience getting to play basketball at the Vivint Smart Home Arena. Under a Utah Jazz program called Play Where the Pros Play, high school teams can play a game at the arena prior to a Jazz game if the teams sell a certain number of tickets. (That amount is $3,750 which equates to approximately 100 tickets). The combined tickets allow Lady Templars and Utah Jazz fans to watch both their high school team and the Jazz play separate games on the same night.

If they can make that happen, the Lady Templars will play vs Gooding, Idaho and then later that night fans will get to watch the Jazz play against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Seat prices range from $25 to $277 and can be purchased at https://groupmatics.events/event/Mantiladytemplar. The games will be held on Saturday, Dec. 30. Purchase deadline is Dec. 22 at 12 p.m.


Fairview Elementary

Last Tuesday, Nov. 14 students and their families enjoyed a special family fun night at the school sponsored by Sanpete County 4-H. There were games and refreshments for everyone.

KayD Quinn’s first grade class collected the most box tops and Coke rewards the first quarter. They received a treat and supplies for their classroom from the PTA.


Manti Elementary

Students at the school recently enjoyed Safety Week. Each day a different safety topic was highlighted. On Monday it was fire safety and students got to check out a fire truck and visit with firefighters after school. On Tuesday the theme was “drugs are scary” with Halloween activities. Wednesday was bike helmet safety. On Thursday for crosswalk/parking lot safety, students enjoyed a special assembly with Officer Kenny Kirkham and crossing guard Breezy Anderson. The week finished up Friday with activities about cyber safety.