Lady Hawks fall hard to leading Lady Spartan team

Lady Hawks fall hard to

leading Lady Spartan team


By James Tilson

Staff writer

Feb. 8, 2018


EMERY—Taking “a couple of steps back,” the girls basketball team of North Sanpete High School dropped a Region 15 game against region leader Emery, 73-16.

In the Lady Hawks’ Tuesday, Jan. 30, away game, the Lady Spartans of Emery jumped out to a 40-point first-half lead, 44-4, and never looked back.

Randi Griffith, the Lady Hawks’ coach called the game “very tough.” She added, “We took a couple of steps back against Emery, both offensively and defensively. We really struggled looking to score. We were waiting for someone to do something instead of working as a team to help each other.”

Defensively, the team did not stick to their game plan. Griffith said, “We wanted to stop fast breaks and dribble penetration, and they were able to get both anytime they tried.”

With only two games left in the regular season, the Lady Hawks’ playoff hopes are on the line.

Griffith thinks her team still has a chance to make it to the tournament. She said, “The girls worked hard but not as a team in the right direction. If we can go back to the way we played the week before, we can give ourselves a chance to do really well this week and give us a chance at a playoff.”

The Lady Hawks stand at 0-10 in Region 15, 0-19 overall and last place in the region.

However, with two games left, the Lady Hawks could still pull out a playoff berth.

On Tuesday, the Lady Hawks hosted Richfield (score unavailable), and today they face their rival Manti in Mt. Pleasant at 7 p.m.