‘Mad Dog Made’ to air on Discovery Channel featuring local inventor

Kevin McClung holds shotgun while he and Jamie Klaes talk beside airplane.

‘Mad Dog Made’ to air on Discovery

Channel featuring local inventor


Robert Stevens

Managing editor


EPHRAIM—The Discovery Channel is shooting a reality TV series in Sanpete County based on the life of “mad” scientist who builds outrageous weapons and tools with the help of his daughter and his master apprentice.

“Mad Dog Made” is a show based based on the skills and training of renowned military weapons designer, engineer and combat consultant, Kevin “Mad Dog” McClung, formerly of Prescott, now living in Manti.

The series, which so far has been entirely filmed in Ephraim, will debut on the Discovery Channel on Friday, Aug. 3 at 10 p.m., and will show McClung and his team fabricating cutting-edge handheld weapons and tools—one example of which is a super long-range rifle meant to shoot down weapons of mass destruction.

McClung will be assisted by former Marine and weapons expert, Jacob Sanchez and McClung’s own daughter, Morgan Fey McClung—who was named after King Arthur’s evil sister because her father said he “saw a dark streak in her” when she was born.

“Morgan is so funny,” McClung said. “She’s quick-witted and such a quick learner. She brings a lot to the show.”

McClung is a former senior scientist at the American Rocket Company. He is also an experienced outdoorsman, combat trainer and weapons and combat consultant. His two teammates add more than 15 years of experience in fields like blacksmithing, computer-aided-design, carpentry and aerospace mechanics.

McClung said the idea grew to life after Lionsgate Productions saw a video of what McClung and his team likes to do—fabricate outrageous weapons and tools. The studio was wowed and quickly sent a film crew to Ephraim.

“I’ve been working in Hollywood as a consultant for a long time,” McClung said. “I have never seen something get greenlighted so fast.”

The debut episode will show McClung and his team using their combined talents to create their own spin on the life-saving tool used by first responders known as the “Jaws of Life.”

The team will be tasked with creating a tool capable of rescuing an automobile accident victim within three minutes.

Later in the season, the team will also be tasked with building tools capable for use in space and will create a protective shelter for crashed bush pilots who are being stalked by wild animals.

The series is produced by Rogue Atlas in Association with Lionsgate Television.