Local youths injured in rockslide

This aerial photo of the rockslide shows how it blocked the road, and the effect it had on the truck that was hit by it.

Local youths injured in rockslide


By Robert Stevens

Managing editor



A turkey hunting trip turned catastrophic for two Gunnison teens Sunday night.

Braxton Lyons and Kayden Olson planned on bagging some turkeys, but instead they had to be rescued after being trapped underneath a rockslide.

According to the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO), the rockslide took place northeast of Salina. The teens where driving on Willow Creek Road when the rock slide broke free and buried their vehicle.


Jayden Olsen

SCSO deputies and first-responders had to cut open the vehicle to free the occupants. Both teens were injured. Lyons was taken by Air Med to Utah Valley Hospital and is currently in critical condition in the ICU. Olsen was taken to the Gunnison Valley Hospital by ambulance.


Braxton Lyons

Both families have started fundraising pages to help cover the medical costs incurred from the slide. Lyon’s fundraising page can be found at https://www.gofundme.com/f/jpspf-braxton-lyons-medical-expenses. Olsen’s fundraising page can be found at https://www.gofundme.com/f/kayden-olsen.

The rockslide blocked through traffic on the road, stranding some campers’ vehicles behind it until it could be cleared. The road is temporarily closed until it can be cleared.

In addition to SCSO, multiple other agencies responded to the slide, including: Sevier County EMS, Salina Fire Department, Sevier County Search and Rescue, Utah    Highway Patrol, Sevier County Road Department and the U.S. Forest Service.