Manti aims to make zoning changes that will help Main Street businesses

Manti aims to make zoning changes that will help Main Street businesses


By Teri Forbes




Manti—City Council members continued to discuss and refine changes to Manti’s zoning ordinance at their last meeting.

The council reviewed line-by-line the language of the zoning ordinances and spent a considerable amount of time reviewing the proposed changes to the commercial historic district.

During an extensive discussion on the sign ordinance, Mayor Korry Soper said signs shouldn’t be so restrictive to business owners.

Dr. Michael Clay, head of Urban Planner International, is scheduled to attend a March 6 meeting to present a revised outline of the proposed ordinances.

Soper shared that he and Kent Barton, city administrator, met with Six County Association of Governments and discussed potential future infrastructure projects. These included the final phase of a sewer project. They also discussed economic opportunities and ways to develop infrastructure in the industrial park.

Soper mentioned that there was a legislative reception Feb. 19 and extended an invitation to council members.

The Mayor reminded council of the Utah Municipal Power Agency, UMPA, conference held Mar. 20-22. All council members are planning to attend.

The Mayor also stated that business on Main Street seemed to be struggling and invited suggestions to stimulate sales. This then prompted the council members to engage in a thoughtful discussion about the businesses on Main street and how or what they might do help the business owners.

Barton reported that he was advised the Mormon Miracle Pageant, in this, its final production year is planning to run 10 nights rather than eight. The dates of the performances are June 11-15 and then on June 18-22.

The next city council meeting is scheduled Feb. 20 at 6:30 p.m.