Manti City Fire Department wants additional ladder truck

Manti City Fire Department

wants additional ladder truck


By Emily Staley

Staff writer

Apr. 5, 2018


MANTI—Manti’s city council discussed fire equipment, firetrucks and other fire department requests during their bimonthly meeting on Wednesday, March 21.

Elliot Anderson, Manti’s fire chief, came with requests and information for the council.

Anderson first requested permission to purchase 20 replacement hoods. He said they discovered the current hoods may contain carcinogens that are harmful to the fire department personnel.

The request was granted.

Anderson also mentioned Ephraim City will be getting a new ladder truck in 2019 from the county fire district. Anderson noted how Manti City could benefit from asking the district for the ladder truck that Ephraim is currently using.

Anderson requested and was given permission to evaluate the costs associated with the ladder truck.

Anderson also said he would like to be able to offer the Manti fire station’s brush trucks for use in future federal fires.

Gunnison City’s fire truck was used in the California fire last year, and they were reimbursed $47,000. Anderson said offering the station’s trucks is an excellent financial opportunity.

However, making the truck available for future federal fires would require the truck to be equipped with additional equipment.

Anderson was asked to get estimates on how much it would cost to meet the brush-truck standards for usage in federal programs.

Jane Braithwaite requested approval for improvements at the entrance of the Manti Cemetery.

The requests included the installation of a drinking fountain, lighting for the memorial wall, planting trees and relocating the cemetery information sign.

Braithwaite proposed that if the city crew would take care of the installation of the drinking fountain and lighting fixtures, her group would pay for the cost to buy them.

The majority of the council supported Braithwaite, and Mayor Korry Soper authorized her request.

The council also approved the proposal of a local Girl Scout troop. The troop will be placing street-crossing flags at both the Union Street crosswalk and Main Street crosswalk to improve the safety of pedestrians.

The council’s next meeting will be on held April 4 at 6:30 p.m.