Manti City says, ‘Don’t feed the deer’ as first step to controlling problem

Manti City says, ‘Don’t feed the deer’ as first step to controlling problem


By Teri Forbes




MANTI—While the need to mitigate the danger and nuisance of deer roaming out of control has been discussed time and again at Manti City Council meetings, a permanent solution is being prepared.

The No Feeding Ordinance will be considered for passage at the next city council meeting said city administrator, Kent Barton.

Over the last several months city council has heard and has responded to residents with a solution to manage the deer population. The council’s self-imposed deadline is to have the ordinance in place no later than March of this year.

In preparing for the final revision to the ordinance, council members unanimously agreed at the last council meeting that for purposes of the No Feeding Ordinance no other invasive species such as raccoons or turkeys would be included. For clarification, “deer” means wild deer living in nature and does not include privately owned, captive deer.

The next steps are to first, adopt the ordinance, then set a fine schedule for feeding offenders. The task that follows will be the city’s completion and submission of a certificate of registration (COR) to proceed with the Urban Deer Control Program coordinated by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR).

In previous reporting deer mitigation was referred to as a ‘hunt.’ It is not and will not be an open hunt. The city’s plan being drafted intends to designate an archery professional, at a time of year yet to be determined, to lethally remove the deer.

Many cities in the state have struggled with the same deer mitigation challenge. One such city is Draper. Draper’s plan, accessible online, stated that “many forward-looking city councils have come to accept the use of trained veteran bow hunters to maintain deer herds. Bow hunting has an impeccable record of safety, is an efficient and proven method of killing big game and is quiet and unobtrusive – one successful solution to urban deer problems.”

With the success of other cities and the partnership of the DWR, Manti believes the ordinance is the best possible solution to a tough situation.