Manti volunteers sought to take CERT safety training classes

Manti volunteers sought to take CERT safety training classes


Lloyd Call

Associate publisher



      MANTI—Imagine you are sitting at work, when all of a sudden, everything begins to shake—it’s an earthquake.  You get under your desk and the shaking continues.  What lasts only 3 minutes seems like 3 hours.  Glass is breaking, building are tumbling.  When you emerge, your world has changed forever.  People will need help. 

      In the aftermath of the Mexico City Earthquake (geologically similar to Salt Lake City), 700 volunteers helped with the cleanup.  A hundred of them lost their lives because they were not trained in simple safety procedures during disasters.

      A huge earthquake on the Wasatch Front is long overdue.  Sanpete County will experience more than falling dishes as a result.  Your help will be needed.  Be part of the solution and train now. When the quake happens, the time to prepare is past.

      Manti needs citizens to be trained so they can be safe and help others.

      Sign up now for the Manti community CERT training. It will be March 4, 11, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., conference room at the county jail, instructed by Kenneth Moravec.

      A $55 fee covers CERT equipment, manual and materials: (pay with pre-registration. Checks payable to Kenneth Moravec.)

      If you have questions, call Dave Holman, 435-383-2520. Registration forms available at:

Manti City Offices, Sanpete Messenger, Correnti’s Kitchen Essentials or at the meeting.