Math and vending machines


Math and vending machines


By Vanesa Larsen

North Sanpete Middle School 7th Grade



Hello, again. I’m back with another article, this time about some things you may not really care for. But I do. Math and vending machines.

I’m fine with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. That type of math is handy and there have been many times that I’ve used those types of math in my daily life. But there is one type of math that no one has ever used. The type I am learning right now is annoying and unnecessary. I don’t need to know how to find out what “S” is! My teacher even agreed with me and said that we will only use this math in high school math class and only because we’ll be taught more complicated math.

When am I ever going to be solving for X in this equation: “xy – 5 = k”? I don’t understand! It’s such a waste of my time. I mean, what’s the point of learning it if we’re never going to use it? Most of it is quite easy. However, we’re never going to need to know how to plot things on a coordinate grid!

I wonder how many times in my life I will use the math I am learning right now. The word problems are even worse! As if they’re trying to show us a world of unrealistic ideas through a window, but the glass is foggy.

My dad told me that when he was my age, the teachers would tell their pupils that they should learn this math because they wouldn’t carry a calculator around when they were older. How many of you have a phone that you carry with you?

I’ve heard that “everything involves math,” but I don’t believe we will use all of that math. I guess everything is made of math if you think of time, space, circumference, etc. We will most certainly use the math we are taught in grade school. But now, it seems the teachers want to waste our time.

My mother says math makes you smarter. Literally puts more wrinkles on your brain. So maybe math is worthwhile?

Another problem with school is the empty vending machine.

At the beginning of the year, I feel they tried. They put snacks in, but after two days they were all gone. Maybe the teachers secretly took them, or maybe it was elves. But it was annoying that there was hardly a chance to snatch one before they were all gone.

The third time was not the charm in this case. They did fill it, yet with treats and snacks no one would eat. I think they might’ve noticed that when they filled the machine with good stuff, it all disappeared in a flash and they thought: “Well, we must fill it with lame stuff that no one in their right mind would pay for.”

I do appreciate that they at least have vending machines though. I might start selling foods on a black market if they don’t start filling them with the goods more often.