Melissa Judy to apply ‘people skills’ to vice-principal job

                        Melissa Judy


Melissa Judy to apply ‘people skills’

to vice-principal job


By Dyna Folkersen

Staff writer



GUNNISON— Gunnison Valley High School (GVHS) will kick off its 2021-22 school year with student council advisor Melissa Judy bringing her people skills into the role of vice principal.

Judy has served as the school’s student council advisor since 2005 and was the originator of the “Stand up, Speak out” program.

The program, now known as “Bulldog Strong,” was implemented two years ago following an explosive sex abuse incident at the high school. It has evolved into what is known as the Positive Behavior Intervention Support System (PBIS).

“One of my strongest qualities is bringing others together to produce maximum results,” Judy said. “I enjoy taking on projects that challenge me and allow me to search, research and be analytical in my approach.”

As vice principal, she says, she hopes to have a positive impact on all student lives.

“The youth is my passion,”