Miss Moroni royalty crowned following essay contest event

Olivia Larson (middle) was crowned Miss Moroni, and Paige Ison (left) and Jessica Blackham (right) were crowned the two coequal attendants. The announcement was made in a city council meeting, instead of the traditional pageant.

Miss Moroni royalty crowned

following essay contest event


By Kristi Shields 

Staff writer




MORONI—The Moroni City Council crowned Miss Moroni and her two coequal attendants at a council meeting on June 18.

Olivia Larson, daughter of Nicole and Jason Larson, was crowned the queen at a non-traditional ceremony held in council chambers. Paige Ison, daughter of Angie and Dan Ison, and Jessica Blackham, daughter of Melanie and Thomas Blackham, were named as her two coequal attendants.

Instead of the traditional Miss Moroni Pageant that has been held in the past, this year the three contestants submitted essays discussing their platform, what they love about living in Moroni and why they want to serve their town.

Olivia’s platform was “Pals of Patriotism.” Her family has a tradition that she holds near to her heart — playing patriotic music around town on the Fourth of July.

“At a time where everything is in question, I feel this is needed in our wonderful small town,” Olivia said in her essay. “Sharing the love and respect for where you live has always been a key principle in my life.”

Olivia said she knows many patriots in Moroni and is thankful for their influence in her life, and would like to influence others herself.

“I would feel it a great privilege to spend the year serving with [other beautiful talented girls],” Olivia said. “I look forward to enhancing the patriotism in our town.”

Jessica’s platform was “Finding the Power to Stay Positive,” so she can encourage and provide opportunities for community members to spread optimism, kindness and hope.

“My desire for the platform is to show the people of Moroni the power of staying positive in these times of despair,” Jessica said in her essay. “The hope is not only that girls and I might get to spread positivity but to promote the idea that the community gets the chance to serve each other in simple yet meaningful ways.”

Jessica said she invites everyone to make our community stronger during this challenging time and lift each other up through acts of kindness.

Paige’s platform was “Alive and Ready to Thrive” (ART). She chose this platform because she found her passion for drawing and painting when she was younger by stepping out of her comfort zone, and she wants to encourage others to do the same.

“Trying all these new things and getting involved has truly changed me as a person and bettered my self-esteem,” Paige said in her essay.

Paige said she wants people to be themselves instead of following what everyone else is doing. Everyone has their own special talents; they just need to find them.

“No one can truly thrive if they aren’t doing what they enjoy,” she said. “I hope I can help others find the ART in their lives so they too can thrive.”