Miss Sanpete, Teen pageant will be this Saturday

Miss Sanpete, Teen pageant will be this Saturday


By Robert Green

Staff writer



EPHRAIM—The 59th annual Miss Sanpete County and Miss Teen Sanpete pageant will not be derailed by COVID-19 concerns this year.

The pageant will carry on Saturday, Aug. 1 at 7 p.m. at the Snow College Eccles Center in Ephraim.

Six contestants from around the county will compete for Miss Sanpete County, while six younger contestants will compete for Miss Teen Sanpete, said Abby Ivory, pageant director.

Ivory is impressed with the caliber of this year’s class. “These candidates are prepared and excited to serve our community,” she said.  “They are smart, talented and driven toward success.”

The contestants will compete in four areas: private interview, on-stage question and platform statement, talent and evening wear. Scholarships will be given to the winners.

Doors will open at 6 p.m. Tickets are $8 for adults; children 4-11 years of age are $5.  Each adult ticket holder will receive a program, with additional programs being $3.

Sam and Holly Penrod, Manti natives, will be the emcees.

To accommodate for social distancing and COVID-19 compliance, attendees are encouraged to arrive early to allow time for the seating process. Cash and personal checks for admission will be accepted at the door. Attendees may also call in advance to reserve seats and pick up tickets at will call upon arrival. Those interested in reserving seats ahead of time should call Ivory at 851-6215.


Candidates for Miss Sanpete County are:


Shaelynn Riley Johnson, Fountain Green, daughter of Ryan and Cassie Johnson. She will perform a vocal solo for her talent.  She plans to raise awareness on the importance of ATV safety through her platform “ATV Safety – Nobody is Invincible”.

Shaelynn Riley Johnson

Libby Simons, Manti, daughter of David and Allison Simons. She will perform a jazz dance for h

Libby Simons

er talent. Her social impact statement is “Be a Hero: Organ Donation.” She plans to raise awareness about the importance and life-saving impact of being an organ donor.

Gracy Christenson, Gunnison, daughter of Miranda Christenson. She will perform a piano solo for her talent.  Through her platform, “Healthy Minds: Teenage Mental Health” she hopes to influence teenagers and promote skills for positive mental health.

Kira Michele Sevy, Spring City, daughter of Robert and Emily Sevy and Kathy Harward. She will perform a jazz dance for her talent. Kira is passionate about her platform, ‘Give Children a Voice” which focuses on helping children who are in difficult                               circumstances due to abuse or neglect.


Gracy Christenso


Karlie Strickland, Ephraim, daughter of Cody Stickland and Harmonie Poppleton. She will perform a vocal solo for her talent. Her platform is “Breaking the Silence,” which focuses on human trafficking.

Kira Michele Sevy

She plans to raise awareness on this growing concern.

Lydia Madsen, Fairview, daughter of Jeremy and Jessica Madsen. She will perform a vocal solo for her talent.  Her platform, “Lend-A-Hand” focuses on volunteerism. She plans to encourage people to serve in their communities.


Contestants for Miss Teen Sanpete are:


Karlie Strickland

Kaytlin Elisabeth Estey, Manti, daughter of Frank and Lisa Estey. For her talent she will perform a contemporary dance solo. Her platform is “Don’t Be a Cyber-Bully.” She plans to educate the public on the damaging impact of cyber bullying.

Haley Taylor Sevy, Ephraim, daughter of Robert and Emily Sevy. She will perform a contemporary dance for her talent. Through her platform, “The Chosen Children” she plans to advocate for and raise awareness about children in foster care.

Lydia Madsen

Carrie Everitt, Ephraim, daughter of Deric and Muriah Everitt. She will perform a lyrical dance for her talent. She plans to bring greater awareness about the importance of wearing a helmet through her platform “Use Your Head: Wear a Helmet.”

Haley Taylor Sevy

Jordie Kelso, Mt Pleasant, daughter of Luke and Jerrylynn Kelso. For her talent, she will perform a lyrical dance.  Her platform is “Dance Your Way to Mental Health.” She plans to encourage the public to be active for improved mental and physical health.

Noelle Condie, Gunnison, daughter of Robyn Condie and David Condie. She will perform a vocal solo for her talent. She is excited to share her platform, “This Mind of Mine: Training Mental Wellness Through Positive Thinking,” where she plans to educate about mental health and how to be happier, grateful and motivated.

Shea Rawlinson, Fairview, daughter of Sean and Shauna Rawlinson. For her talent she will perform a lyrical dance. Through her platform, “Healthy Life, Happy Life,” she plans to raise awareness about healthy lifestyles and helping others in need through blood drives.

Shea Rawlinson
Jordie Kelso
Noel Condie
Carrie Everitt
Kaytlin Elisabeth Estey