Moroni struggles with allocation of funding among three cities that use Senior Center facility

Moroni struggles with allocation of funding among three cities that use Senior Center facility


Matt Harris

Staff writer



MORONI—The Moroni City Council recently discussed ways to fund future replacement of stovetops for the Moroni Senior Center.

The city council has instituted a three-way deal between Moroni City, the Moroni Senior Board and the Six County Association of Governments (AOG) to fund the production and distribution of senior meals throughout the North Sanpete area.

The deal has been the subject of council discussion a number of times, Mayor Luke Freeman says. Not only does the Moroni Senior Center serve its own city, but the center also provides meals to senior citizens in Fountain Green, Mt. Pleasant, Fairview, and Spring City, among others.

The issue facing the council is how to balance funding for production of the meals fairly.

The Six County AOG primarily funds the senior meal program through the Moroni Senior Center. Moroni acts a backup financial force to assist when necessary. The Moroni Senior Board operates out of the senior center.

With that in mind, the council now is making plans to try and divide up the expenses for senior meals between each beneficiary city. The level of contribution asked will depend on how much each city benefits from the program.

Councilman Jed Demill, who was elected to office earlier this year, oversees the Senior Board’s activities.

“We’re just looking to get some help, and it’d be a good idea to get other cities involved,” Demill said. “If other cities are benefitting, they ought to be willing to pay their fair share.”

The stovetops that are in need of replacing are not an immediate need. Freeman reports that currently, the stovetops are working as needed. However, the heating units have been showing early signs of wear, as they tend to drop in temperature during heating. The council is using this time to be proactive in working out how to adequately pay for needed repairs in the coming years.