New management takes over Ephraim Willow Creek Inn

Nicole Bradley is the general manager of the Willow Creek Inn, which recently changed hands.
Nicole Bradley is the general manager of the Willow Creek Inn, which recently changed hands.

New management takes over Ephraim Willow Creek Inn


James Tilson

Staff writer



     EPHRAIM—The Inn Management Company, a family-owned business based in Woodland, Utah County with 60 years’ experience running hotels in Utah, has purchased the Willow Creek Inn in Ephraim.

     The sale of the in became final on Jan. 17. On the recommendation of Ted Meikle, the former owner, the new owners hired Nicole Bradley as the hotel’s general manager. Bradley has worked at the Willow Creek Inn for seven years, since she was 14 years old.

     According to Bradley, the new owners kept the original staff. “They didn’t want any major upheaval; they wanted to make sure the staff was comfortable with the changes,” she said.

     Bradley said the Inn Management Co.’s first hotel was in Moab. The company now has hotels in Moab, outside Zion National Park, in West Valley and in two locations in the Salt Lake Valley, as well as the Willow Creek.

     According to Bradley, the company saw Sanpete County as an attractive location with outdoor recreation providing the customer base. They hope to persuade other outdoor-themed businesses, such as outfitters and companies renting ATVs to locate in the area.

     Inn Management Co. has a number of renovations planned for the Willow Creek Inn. The company’s first priority is redoing the stucco on the exterior. They hope to complete that work by the end of March, weather permitting.

     Then they will work on the interior of the hotel, including replacing carpet and drapes, and updating the breakfast area to offer more hot food options.

     Bradley said the company hopes to complete all renovations by the end of the year and plans to have an open house for the public when the work is done.

     When asked about the sale, Meikle said he and his wife, Jill, started out with a 10-year plan. In June, 2016, they marked 10 years since they had bought the hotel.

     Meickle said he wasn’t sure what he and his wife would now but it would not involve as much work as the hotel took.

            “I like to tell people that running the hotel was like running a dairy farm—you have to get up every morning to milk the cows. Now we want to do something where we can let the cows out to pasture and not worry about them the rest of the day.”