New Mt. Pleasant well coming in with stronger flow than expected

            MT. PLEASANT—A new culinary water well in Mt. Pleasant has come in with a flow far stronger than anyone anticipated, Mayor Michael Olsen reported at a city council meeting Thursday, Oct. 26.

            He said the well, located in the southwestern part of the city, is generating 420 gallons per minute. It has turned out to be an artesian well, which means pressure underground is pushing that volume of water to the surface without a pump.

            The drilling company, High Plains Drillers, has advised the city that it could connect the well to the city water system without the need for mechanical pumping, if the city so wishes.

            The city is considering the idea, but may install a pump anyway in case artesian flow is lost because of continuing drought. Recently, a number of wells in the Chester area have failed due to lower ground water.

            Mt. Pleasant is currently in negotiations to purchase another well in a different part of the city from a private owner. The council was told it is an existing well with a proven water flow.

            The two wells are part of the city’s plan to bolster and upgrade its culinary water system.