North Sanpete High School students honor teachers with assembly, certificates

Principal Nan Ault (at left) reads what student Allyssa Ericksen (center) wrote about her kindergarten teacher at Carrie Christensen (right) during North Sanpete High School’s Teacher Appreciation Assembly.


North Sanpete High School

students honor teachers

with assembly, certificates


By Linda Petersen

Staff writer

Feb. 1, 2018


MT. PLEASANT—Students at North Sanpete High School paid tribute to teachers who have impacted their lives during Teacher Appreciation Week last week.

Seventeen senior class members nominated 13 teachers who have taught them from across the district and honored them in a special assembly on Friday, Jan. 26.

Some of the teachers honored currently teach at the high school, and some were teachers the students had during their earlier years of schooling.

At the assembly, students shared what they had written about the honored teachers and presented them with a certificate.

Throughout the week, student council members visited all the teachers at the high school to thank them and each day gave them a treat.

Alex Larsen, Laycee Smith and Makade Talbot all nominated North Sanpete Middle School math teacher Harold Orton.

“Harold Orton isn’t one of those Master Oogway kinda teachers who try to throw intergalactic wisdom at you like candy. He’s the kinda guy who can teach more by what he does,” Makade wrote.

Allyssa Ericksen nominated her kindergarten teacher at Fairview Elementary, Carrie Christensen.

“She introduced me to how fun learning could be. She not only taught me the basic kindergarten skills but how to be a leader and a good person,” Allyssa wrote.

Carmen Patino nominated Spring City sixth-grade teacher Nancy Allred.

“Mrs. Allred was one of the first teachers that really understood my love for science. … I remember how she encouraged me to always do my best. I just want to thank her for being an amazing teacher!” she wrote.

The majority of students nominated teachers at the high school. Brooklyn Larson and Emily Hills both nominated their drama teacher, Alex Barlow of North Sanpete High School.

“Mr. Barlow is a kind, funny, hardworking, dedicated and caring teacher. He cares deeply about each one of his students and sees the potential that each one of them has,” Brooklyn wrote.

Anna Staker nominated her father, science teacher Ed Staker.

“My dad (Ed Staker) is the best teacher I’ve ever had! Anyone who has ever had his class knows that he loved what he did and always wanted his students to succeed,” she wrote.

Band teacher Tim Kidder was nominated by Cody Howell.

“Thank you for finding and truly caring about your students and understanding them. Thank you for singing the sad songs in choir so we know what joy feels like. Thank you for teaching,” he wrote.

Colby Seely nominated industrial technology teacher Brandon Olson.

“I really enjoyed being in his class. He is a good teacher. He helped me a lot, and he was the only one that I paid attention to because if you don’t, then your fingers will be cut off, and he’s just a really enjoyable person to work with,” Colby wrote.

Erik Reyes and Luis Cruz nominated Spanish teacher Matt Braithwaite.

“He changed my life by helping me out in college and to go to college. And to have patience,” Luis wrote.

Garrett Christensen nominated technology teacher Justin Morley.

“He is always willing to help people, and he is more than a teacher. He is a friend,” he wrote.

Hannah Ostraff nominated Ben Cox, journalism teacher.

“Mr. Cox is always willing to help students and has opened up so many opportunities for me. He is a great teacher, and I’m very grateful to him for what he has done to help me,” she wrote.

MaKendra Mardell nominated learning strategies teacher Desi Dyches.

“Mrs. Dyches has always been there to help. She calls herself a care bear, and it’s really true. She cares so much and tries so hard to see one thing from all her students and that is to graduate,” she wrote. “She has busted her butt to help all of her students understand they can achieve what they thought was never possible. She never gives up hope.”

Sammie Hurst nominated Cami Hathaway, a special education teacher.

“Mrs. H. has changed my life by making me know how much more I love working with autistic kids. Also, she is just a really awesome teacher,” Sammie wrote.

Tara Jo Dyches nominated math teacher Cheryl Hadley.

“I know that I won’t ever find a teacher who is as good at their job as Mrs. Hadley. She will always be my favorite high school teacher and college professor. Thank you, Mrs. Hadley, for all the time and effort you spent helping me build my education,” she wrote.

All of the teachers expressed appreciation for the honor, but perhaps no response was as poignant as that of Carrie Christensen’s:

“I’ve had a difficult year, but today was the best day. Allyssa made my day. I love her. She is a very special young lady. All teachers need to feel like I do right now,” she said as she accepted her certificate.