Prop 7 passes 73-27 percent; Mt. Pleasant pool will be open year-round

Rendering of the Mt. Pleasant Aquatic Center. Although construction of the center is funded, Mt. Pleasant City has placed a referendum on the November ballot asking residents if they favor utility franchise fees to support year-round operation of the facility.
Rendering of the Mt. Pleasant Aquatic Center
Prop 7 passes 73-27 percent; Mt. Pleasant pool will be open year-round


Robert Stevens

Managing editor



  1. PLEASANT—The “local charge” fee being voted on in Mt. Pleasant dubbed Proposition 7 has passed by a substantial margin.

“This is the greatest community development in Mt. Pleasant since the arena was built,” Steve Clark, chair of the Mt. Pleasant City Main Street Committee, said.

Prop 7, which proposed the addition of a 2.25 percent fee to both city electric and Questar natural gas bills passed with 72.48 percent of the popular vote.

The funds raised from Prop 7 are intended only to keep the new aquatic center open all year round. The city expects it to generate roughly $105,000 per year.

The raw election numbers on Tuesday night were 819 votes for yes on Prop 7 and 311 votes for no (27.52 percent of the popular vote).

“I always felt like it had a good chance,” Clark said. “These things are never sure but I felt like there has been such support from the community for a swimming pool that the likelihood was, that if we ever got to the point where we could actually build the thing, there would be a great deal of community support to make sure we did everything needed to run it right.”

If Prop 7 had not passed, the pool would have only operated during the summer months.

With Prop 7 passing by such a big margin, the plans to keep the pool heated and operating all year long get the green light. Keeping the pool open year round brings in the extra bonus of a $30,000 yearly commitment from Wasatch Academy for their students’ usage of the facility.

Although final admission fees are undecided, the city proposed a possible discount for Mt. Pleasant residents if Prop 7 passed.

So now the swimming pool that Mt. Pleasant leaders generated  $2.5 million in fundraising for, and have been working towards for about two decades, is not only being built, it will be operated on a year-round basis.