Ray N. Miller

               Ray N. Miller


Ray N. Miller


Ray N. Miller passed away July 24, 2020 in Salt Lake City.

Ray was born in Manti on Aug. 17, 1937 to Alden and Zella Ella Miller, Ray is number six in his family of nine children. His deceased siblings are: Glen, Dorthella, Donna Lou, Kenneth and Ronald. He is survived by his loving wife Robin, step-children Robert Lish and Dawnna Philibrick, brothers Leon, Lewis and Gregg Miller.

Ray was a baker by profession and retired after 50 years of working at Albertson’s Food chain. Ray loved the outdoors, spending his spare time hunting deer and especially geese. He would get up at 4 a.m. to go out and watch the geese, checking where they would land, how long they would stay and he would still be there in the same spot as the sun was setting, he had the “goose hunt thing” down to a science.

Ray was always the first one to spot the deer on the hunt and never missed a shot; his brothers loved to have him along on the hunts. It was a real treat for Ray’s nephews to get a special invite to go goose hunting with him and he was proud to take them and teach them all about goose hunting.

Ray had 41 nieces and nephews who were all tops in Ray’s book, he loved them all and they all loved their Uncle Ray.

Ray was the kind of person you enjoyed being around for his cheery laugh and sweet smile. He was a kind-hearted person, caring and loving to everyone he met, he was truly a great person, one who will be sincerely missed by many. Ray will always hold a special place in our hearts.

A viewing for Ray will be held Friday, July 31 at Wasatch Lawns Memorial at 9 a.m. Burial will follow at Wasatch Lawns (3401 S. Highland Drive) in Salt Lake City.