Replacements made in county boards

Replacements made in county boards


James Tilson

Staff writer




MANTI—The Sanpete County Commission made new appointments to the Sanpete County Municipal Building Authority and the Sanpete Water Conservancy District at its meeting last week.

With the retirement of Steve Frischknect as commissioner, the post of president of the county’s municipal building authority became vacant. Claudia Jarrett and Scott Bartholomew, the remaining trustees, elected new commissioner Steve Lund as president.

A municipal building authority is a structure defined under state law for financial management of local government construction projects. Such an authority can receive grants, especially through the Utah Community Impact Board. For example, the Sanpete County Municipal Building Authority was used to administer funding to build the Sanpete County Jail.

The Commission also replaced two board members from the Water Conservancy District. David Cox of Manti and Ken Palmer of Mt. Pleasant had resigned or retired since the last meeting.

After posting the vacancies in local newspapers, the commission received two applications to replace the members. The commission reviewed the applications and accepted Mike Cox of Manti and Nate Palmer of Mt. Pleasant as the new members.

The next meeting of the Water Conservancy District is scheduled for March 16.