Sanpete COVID cases double in just one week

Sanpete COVID cases double in just one week


By Robert Stevens 

Managing editor



Confirmed cases of COVID-19 have nearly doubled in Sanpete County since last week and the disease has claimed two more lives in the Central Utah Health District (CUPHD), one in Sanpete and one in Juab.

According to the CUPHD, a second individual in Sanpete County has perished as a result of exposure to COVID-19. The individual, who was reported deceased on Sept. 2, was in the highest risk age bracket, 85 and over, the same as Sanpete first COVID death.

The CUPHD report lists the individual as having been exposed to the virus within the health district, as opposed to another Utah health district or while traveling.

Juab County also had a second COVID death, bringing their total to two as well.

In all, there have been five COVID-19 related deaths in the CUPHD.

Since last week, the COVID-19 statistics recorded in Sanpete and the other five counties that make up the CUPHD has gone up dramatically.

Sanpete County has seen its amount of active cases nearly double, going from 35 to 63 since the Messenger reported on it last week. This brings the total confirmed cases of COVID in Sanpete County to a total of 246, of which 181 have now recovered.

Four of the 60 active Sanpete County cases are currently hospitalized.

Millard County follows Sanpete in the number of confirmed cases with 200, 41 of which are currently active. The county has two current COVID-19 hospitalizations.

Juab County has had 160 total confirmed cases, 39 of which are currently active. There have been two COVID-related deaths in Juab and six of the 39 active cases are currently hospitalized.

Sevier County has 140 total confirmed cases, 44 of which are currently active. Sevier has had one COVID death so far.

Piute County maintained a very low case count for several months until it recently saw a spike of 10 new cases, bringing its total to 16 in all. The spike prompted the Piute County School District to suspend in-person education for two weeks minimum, the district announced in a letter on Monday. More than 60 students from the Piute school district are currently on quarantine due to the exposure to fellow students who were confirmed positive.

Wayne County remains at only two confirmed cases of COVID, both of which have been fully recovered for months.

These numbers bring the CUPHD to a total of 764 confirmed cases of COVID-19. According to the CUPHD, 17834 people have been tested in the district so far. There have been 45 total hospitalizations in the district.