Set down your roots at the 89 grill, and soak up some good food

Natasha Osborne, waitress at Roots 89 Grill in Spring City has roots that connect her to the store.


Set down your roots at the 89 grill, and soak up some good food


By Lloyd Call

Associate publisher



SPRING CITY— Roots provide nourishment for trees and Roots 89 Grill in Spring City does the same thing for people.

Roots 89 Grill is the latest place to eat in Sanpete, and it opened during Spring City Heritage Days in May. Run by Jason Mardell, owner of Corner Station Deli in Fairview, it represents an expansion of his culinary businesses.

Interestingly, the “roots” of the business name go back to Mardell’s fourth great-grandfather, James Tillman Sandord Allred, as well as great-uncle Edgar Allred, who lived in Spring City and owned the building now housing the Roots 89 Grill.

The building itself was the Allred Drug Store in 1930, and Allred concocted his own ice cream and root beer, along with any medicine ordered by local doctors for people or animals and was called the Merc. Things were not easy for the Merc; they were robbed several times in 1939. Owner at the time, Pratt Osborne was awakened by a call from Everett Strate, the co-owner of Strate’s Garage, across the street.

Strate quickly told him there were men in the Merc. Pratt got dressed, grabbed his .30-40 Krag, and ran 1 1/2 blocks to the store. His son, Devon, 16, also grabbed his .22 rifle and followed his Dad. Devon heard his dad yell, “Stop or I’ll shoot.” The Merc was never robbed again.

Mardell is leasing the building, formerly called the Soda Fountain Shop at address 76 S. Main, phone 462-7632. Mardell says, “Our family roots are connected to our vision and mission, which started at the Corner Station Deli, to branch out and serve our local communities with fresh, delicious foot and a family-friendly atmosphere for years to come.”

He also believes people just want a place to come eat when they’re “just too tired to cook,” so hours are Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

One of the waitresses is Natasha Osborne, daughter of Lucrecia and Cory Osborne, whose parents were Sam and Suzanne Osborne. Pratt was a great-great uncle to Sam Osborne. “I just came in to apply for a job, says Natasha, who is a junior at North Sanpete High School.” After talking with Mardell, she learned of the connection she had to the store’s history.

So come in to get some delicious food, settle your roots, and prepare to be satisfied.

The Merc, in 1940s, is now the Roots 89 Grill in Spring City.