Several Snow sports teams are nationally recognized

Several Snow sports teams are nationally recognized

By Benjamin Thornberg



Photo released by the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) shows that the 2018-19 Snow College women’s basketball team had a cumulative GPA of 3.69, which was second highest among all women’s teams in the nation that compete in the NJCAA.

EPHRAIM—Several sports teams from Snow College were recognized for their equally successful performances in both academics and their respective sports for the 2018-19 school year.

Women’s basketball

The Snow College women’s basketball team placed 2nd in the NJCAA overall, due to their team GPA of 3.69 along with their season record of 22-8. Twelve team members were awarded NJCAA All-Academic honors. Claire Newby, along with Rachel Roberts and Savannah Domgaard all walked away with 4.0 GPAs. Lexi Peterson, Lourdes Gonzalez-Valdes, Megan Carr, Paige Farnsworth, Rachel Richards and Samantha Barnett received second-team honors. While Belle Andereson, Keiley McCall, Marcie Stapley, Portia Dye and Sabrina Radford came off with the third-team honors.

Men’s basketball

The men’s basketball team also earned awards by taking home the Region 18 championship title as well as the Scenic West Conference title with their 26 wins. At the same time, the team placed 10th in the NJCAA with a team GPA of 3.07. Nick Huston was awarded the all academic first-teams honors, while Trevor Alder was awarded the second-team honor and finally Truman Moore was awarded with the third-team honor.


The volleyball team came out of the 2018-19 season with 27 wins and for the first time attending the NJCAA National Championship. The team ranked 12th place in the Division 1 school group by achieving a team GPA of 3.49. Several team members, Andreanna McKee, Bridget Triplett, Stacey Hone and Taela Laufiso all earned second-team honors, while  Belle Anderson, Kiley McCall, Marcie Stapley, Portia Dye and Sabrina Radford earned third-team honors. This will be the third consecutive time that the volleyball team led Region XV11 with the highest team GPA.


The football team held two awards for James Baird and Ron Tiavaasue, who obtained the first-team honors award.

The softball team likewise earned several awards for Autumn Dzierzon, Saide Clark and Katie Tanner, who received the first-team honors. Avery Reynolds, Bailie Singleton, Blake Hervat and McKenna Rowell were awarded with third-team honors.

The NJCAA, formed in 1937, set out with the goal to award students who show promise in both sport activities as well as academics. The awards are separated into three categories based on GPA scores. Students who achieve 4.0 records are awarded the first-team honors. Students who range between 3.99-3.80 achieve the second-team honors. Students who range between 3.79-3.60 receive the third-team honor awards.